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Wild Frontier


COUNTRY: Germany

STYLE: Melodic Hard Rock

PROFILE: The band Wild Frontier was founded in 1990. The godfather of the name was Gary Moore who released the same titeled album in 1987. After three demos between 1990 and 1993 we released our first studio album called ….One way to heaven….in 1994. Four years later we released our second longplayer ….Thousand miles away…., which made us famous in the german musicscene. Five years later we beat back with the amazing…. Stick your neck out….album . The latest masterpiece “Bite the bullet” was released in February, 2007. In 2012 the boys returney with their new album called “2012”.

Wild Frontier’s style is in the Bonfire vein, with some Def Leppard (mainly in the layered harmonies) and Scorpions sprinkled into the mix. They are a pure blood Melodic Hard Rock band in the classic style. They have zero tolerance for current fads, no interest in crossbreeding with other genres.
Their guitars are just edgy enough to earn them the ‘hard’ tag, the keys are subtle but effective, and the cool hooks and slicker choruses elevate this new album from a solid effort into a very good one.
Someone could argue the songwriting is simplistic at times, but this is exactly the focus of this band; fun and easy listeneable rockers with addictive melodies and alluring refrains, not on impressing anyone with complexity. There are thousands of prog-rock and metal bands out there more than willing to wow you with technical wizardry; Wild Frontier just want you to tap your foot, bang your head, and sing along.

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– One Way To Heaven [1995]
– Thousand Miles Away [1998]
– Stick Your Neck Out [2003]
– Bite The Bullet [2007]
– 2012 [2012]

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