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STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE: Bands such as Trixter are often blamed for the demise of the hard rock genre, which may or may not be a fair assumption. While they were portrayed as a group of teenagers, the group had actually been in the rock business for years prior to their smash debut album. Inoffensive, pretty boy good looks and music that even parents could appreciate both made them a huge hit and later led to their eventual fall from grace.
  Peter Loran (vocals), Steve Brown (guitar), P.J. Farley (bass) and Mark “Gus” Scott (drums) got together as teenagers in Paramus, New Jersey to form the rock band Trixter. Even though they were considered an overnight sensation, the group had been together almost six years before the self-titled debut saw the light of day.
  The debut was filled with guilty pleasures but it would be the three mellower numbers, “One In A Million”, “Surrender” and “Give It To Me Good”, that reached #1 on MTV while placing on Billboard’s singles charts. The album itself eventually went gold and peaked at #28 on the Billboard Top 200. The longhaired clean-cut rockers had the world in their hand while touring behind bands such as Warrant.
  But like the majority of pop sensations their career at the top was short lived. Hear! failed to deliver a hit single, and with the influx of grunge, bands like Trixter were the first to be pushed aside. A final album full of covers was released in 1994. Scott left the band during their last tour, and after a short period of time with another member the band decided to go their separate ways. Loran pursued a solo career while Farley and Brown rekindled some success in 40 Ft. Ringo before Farley ended up in Ra.

Steve Brown announced on December 1, 2007 that Trixter would be reuniting in 2008 for the Give It to You Good tour. In 2008, Pete Loran calledthe 2 Music Geeks and discussed Trixter’s 2008 touring plans and the production of a new live album. The reunited Trixter played a total of five dates in 2008, beginning with an appearance at the Rocklahoma festival in July and ending with a sold-out headlining performance in November, their first hometown NJ show in over 13 years. On March 27, 2009, Trixter performed at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, New York. Trixter is also in the studio recording new material for a new album to be released in late 2011.

After thirteen years, 2008 had all the original members on the worldwide concert circuit once again. Since reforming the band has released Alive in Japan, a live concert CD featuring two new songs and a Best Of CD with all the hits remastered. On November 28, 2008, Trixter returned home to New Jersey for a homecoming show at Dexter’s Entertainment Complex in Riverdale, New Jersey. Trixter also appeared on the cover of the EC Rocker magazine along with a feature story in North Jersey’s biggest newspaper, The Record. On February 20, 2009, Trixter and Dokken sold out The Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado.

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– Trixter [1990]
– Hear! [1992]
– Undercovers [1994]
– New Audio Machine [2012]
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