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Country Germany

Style Hard Rock

Profile It was back in 1990 when Roach Clip released their debut album, “Till Morning Light” on vinyl. This German band might have been around since 1986, but this is only the group’s third album so the output leaves a bit to be desired.

It would take until 2009 for the group to return with the aptly titled “The Return”. In between the time of their debut and this, the group’s third release the individual band members have kept themselves busy with other projects including Rose Tattoo, Udo Lindenberg, Nicko McBrain, Paul Samson, Jon Lord and Carmine Appice. With “Night Falls” it seems to be that the band (vocals, guitars, bass, keys – Sven Bauer, keys – Oliver Noack, drums – Fritz Steger, vocals, bass – Thilo Kromer and guitars – Rolf Schmidt) has opted to return to the same tried and true sound of old. For fans of the group that means more of the same AOR-influenced hard rock that Roach Clip has become known for.

The musicians know each other and in-heart, are blind and developed over the years, the interplay is perfect. Experiences of the individual musicians in other projects, and others – prominent – colleagues, including names such as Rose Tattoo, Udo Lindenberg, Nicko McBrain, Paul Samson, Jon Lord, Carmine Appice, have expanded the horizon and prevents ROACH CLIP landed in a dead end.
The path that took the band is similar, because even more of a highway: Dynamic, powerful, fast and decisively makes “Night Falls” continues where the band three years ago with “The Return” was back on track.

On high-performance tuned the new material is rooted in the tradition of hard-rock band and the musicians, but it’s just too individual and extraordinary, to the amount of time and incredibly exciting! One thing has never ROACH CLIP: a tape casted off the rack! To hell with the marketing.
What one hears is original and unique without losing the grip. This music is made for its own sake. And it is in the best sense of hearing is VALUE!

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– Till Morning Light [1990]
– The Return [2009]
– Night Falls [2012]


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