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Country Sweden

Style Hard Rock

Profile The Swedish hard rock band Midway features vocalist and guitarplayer Leaf, bass player Drillen and drummer Thomsson. Inspired by 80s classic rock as well as the 70s classic rock. Midway got together in 2014 and started of as a side project but it did not take long until they decided to make it their first priority. In April 2015 the band had already recorded their first album “Kickstart Riot”. The album was cut live so you can really feel the energy the band had while recording it.

The debut album “Kickstart Riot” was distributed by Rambo Music (Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB). For the remaining of 2015 Midway played throughout Sweden, Germany and England in bars, clubs and even on the streets to make money enough to continue their journey and to keep sharpening their act. A few months after the release of “Kickstart Riot”, Midway’s former guitarist Sam Cobra decided to leave the band. But still on fire the band came across Eric Dust just a few weeks later. But that did not last so long even though Dust is a great guitar player, we wanted separate things.

After this and loads of auditions Midway decided that Leaf was gonna play the guitar. Leaf had already played a guitar for a while so this was nothing new to him. With a new constellation and with an even more serious songwriting Midway now have a record deal and has been out on more tours in Europe. “Low Life” their second album is another pleasant surprise for the lovers of H.E.A.T. and cohorts, and a band that has the potential to become the next big thing in this scene!

– Kickstart Riot [2015]
– Low Life [2016]

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