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Country Austria

Style Hard Rock/Sludge Metal

Profile A local bar, Central Vienna. Program of the night : 4 bands, 4 styles. The first band seems to divide their fans into 2 camps. While one is amazed how they can play so precise while banging their heads so hard, the others discuss at wich point they were a bit out of time or wich note was not played that well. The second band summones a horde of young teenie girls in front of the stage. All of them dreaming of a romance with one of the perfectly styled, perfectly moving bandmembers. A dream that for some of them came true that night.

The third band tries to combine sports and music. As they start to play some of their fans start to practice a form of hyperspeed Tai-chi, while the others stand around them holding a cup of water in case they dry out. Then the fourth and final band starts to play. The people who like the first band said that they are below their standard, the teeni girls gave eachother the ” Oh my god” look” and the ninja´s left the room. However, at the end of the gig, one mid thirty long-haired rocker (who had just puked in the middle of the venue) grabbed one of the teenie girls around her neck ,frighting the poor child and scarving her for life. So while spilling half of his beer on her shoulders, he shouted with a deadly breath and some foaming spit : ” I ve no idea who ze heeell tha wuzz but zey foecking kicked aaaaaasssssss” !!!!!! Now guess what band that was?


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– The EP [2009]
– A Darker Shade of Blues [2013]



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