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Liberty Lush


Country USA

Style Glam/Hard Rock

Profile One night 5 men found themselves all huddled around the same dirty dumpster in some back alley puking up copious amounts of liquor. Little did they know at the time, they all shared the same passion for creating beautiful yet dirty Rock ‘n Roll. After that fateful first meeting the 5 men continued their night on the town together, each garnering their own nickname derived from the liquor they weredrinking that night.

The 5 men became known as Johnny Walker, X (X-Rated Vodka – Yep the really girlly pink stuff), Ron Rico, Rip Van Winkle and Lord Calvert. After a while Johnny and X started talking about the band they were starting called Liberty Lush….little did they know Ron Rico, Rip Van Winkle and Lord Calvert were all musicians as well. After a brief conversation the full line up was formed with X on vocals, Johnny Walker on Guitar, Ron Rico on Guitar, Lord Calvert on bass and Rip Van Winkle on drums.

Combining their musical influences and talents they gave birth to a new style of music….Lush Rock. With their driving yet hard hitting guitars, punk rock/80s vocals and upbeat drums they hope to take the world music scene by storm. Keep an eye out for Liberty Lush and get ready for the Lush Rock Revolution.


– ‘Merica [2013]



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