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Last Bullet


Country Canada

Style Hard Rock

Profile A metaphor for those who live every day of their life as if there’s only one shot left in the chamber. With their eyes on the scope and their aim set high, this group of Toronto rockers are getting ready to pull the trigger on the music industry. Their ammo? The much-needed return of pure, un-adultered, un-filtered, dirty, filthy, Rock N’ Roll music, that this world and the majority of its population have seemed to forgotten. These boys pride themselves on showing their audience the complete extreme of every attribute that makes Rock N’ Roll what it is. And if you’ve seen them live you’d know exactly what that means.

Drawing from a solid foundation of Southern, Blues and LA-styled Rock influences, they’ve managed to form a sound that is completely unique to and unheard of, in the Toronto Rock scene. Both of their studio albums – the self-titled “Last Bullet EP” and the newly released “Love.Lust.Illusion.” – were recorded at the legendary Vespa Studios, engineered by talented new producer Chris Snow and mastered by critically acclaimed engineer Harry Hess, who has worked with bands such as Muse, Finger 11, My Darkest Days, Big Wreck, Billy Talent, Our Lady Peace, Monster Truck, Cancer Bats and more.

Since the release of their first studio album, Last Bullet has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as Teenage Head, Bleeker Ridge, Die Mannequin, John Corabi of Motley Crue, and Uli Jon Roth of The Scorpions. They’ve also recently found success on FM radio, with their very first single “Girls Gone Wild” garnering much attention and steady radio play among some of the biggest FM stations in Canada and the US.

For an indie band to achieve full rotation on FM radio is extremely rare. But that very fact is a testament to the quality of music being produced by this group. The truth? They’re just getting started. The word is spreading, the crowds are growing and it won’t be long until Last Bullet is one of the hottest new bands among fans of rock. The world needs a solid injection of Rock N’ Roll to keep things in check, and Last Bullet is about to up the dosage.


lastbullet lastbullet3

– Last Bullet [2011]
– Love Lust Illusion. [2012]



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