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Jose Andrea

Country Spain

Style Hard Rock

Profile  José Mario Martínez Arroyo (born June 2, 1971), better known as José Andrea (adding the name “Andrea” by his first daughter) is a Spanish singer known for his work with the Wizard of Oz group. Born in La Paz (Bolivia) but raised in Madrid. Being adoption Madrid, starts playing drums in a school band at the age of 14. The singer is changed to college and who replaces José waiting to find a replacement. It is at this time when casually begins to glimpse gradually possessing vocal abilities and start taking classes. Being also his mother who insists to take them and go to the conservatory, like her music teacher.

In 2004, under the production of Txus, Joseph released his first solo album called Where the heart takes you. The album consists of ballads of the best bands like Deep Purple or Red Baron, whose lyrics are translated and adapted into Castilian by Txus. On October 24, 2011 Wizard of Oz said in a statement on their official website that Joseph Andrea left the band being the American tour and the subsequent tour of his last acts Spain with the Spanish band.

Ouroboros is the solo project of Joseph Andrea, former singer of Wizard of Oz. In this new phase Jose Andrea seeks new vocal parameters in a challenge to outdo himself, thus decoupling the other hand, unforgettable singing career of Wizard of Oz.

Without denying bluseras roots, soul and rock of course, shows a facet and felt much more intimate, something that leaves the very heart. This new challenge has the invaluable help and support from two of his former colleagues in Mage: Sergio Cisneros and Pedro Diaz, keyboards and bass respectively, with Juan Flores “Chino” (Sínkope) and Juanjo Bullets (The Gypsy, goat and trumpet) formed a band with an extensive background behind him, from his experience in the first row of the music scene in Spain and America, with more than 20 world tours.

Currently, Joseph Andrea and Uroboros are premiering their new work. The album was recorded in studios prestigious “Guantanamo” of Merida, headquarters JFChino producer. Of mixtures took over the renowned Pepe del Pozo. Is called “Ouroboros” and came out on May 15, 2012.


– Donde El Corazón Te Lleve [2004]
– Uroboros [2012]

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