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Jeremey Frederick


COUNTRY: United States

STYLE: Melodic Rock / AOR

PROFILE: Flirted with rags to riches success in 2007 by being chosen as the new voice of the rock band Journey (then unceremoniously unchosen), Jeremey Frederick is a singer/songwriter with more on his agenda than revisiting classic rock anthems of decades past.

Heavily influenced by writers & singers as diverse as Lou Reed, Roy Orbison, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and George Michael, Jeremey’s upcoming CD “Every Little Thing” is an eclectic mix of brazen pop, singer/songwriter angst, and a bit of jazz and soul as well. What wraps this seemingly scattershot collection together is the singular voice of Jeremey Frederick. “Every Little Thing” is an album where each song is a part of a greater whole, an effort to tie up the loose ends of a misspent youth with a gentle reminder of these earlier influences, and a new voice all it’s own.

Known for being the lead vocalist with Frontiers, the only nationally touring, full-time Journey tribute band in the US, when Jeremey was contacted by Journey’s Neil Schon in 2007 to move forward with the band as their new lead vocalist and front man, he had no idea the dramatic turn his life would soon take.
While the opportunity didn’t pan out as expected, his time with Journey resulted in a co-writing credit on the band’s Platinum selling 2008 release ‘Revelation’.

Rather than build on that milestone as a sound-a-like, however, Jeremey began an exploration of his own voice and melodic influences. The result is his 2012 solo debut “Every Little Thing”. There is a common thread throughout the CD that draws inevitable comparisons to bands like Journey and the power-pop sensibilities of The Outfield (John Spinks, founding member and guitarist of The Outfield, appears on two of the ten tracks), but also we have here an eclectic collection of diverse wonderful sounds. Also making their mark are Eric Ragno (Takara, Talon) on keyboards and Vic Rivera (Ted Poley, AdrianGale) on guitars & drums, featured on most of the songs, delivering their class and experience to the recording.

– Every Little Thing [2012]

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