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Heaven The Axe


COUNTRY: Australia

STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE: Heaven The Axe are a juxtaposition between the illustrious, hypnotic, powerful and rhythmically pounding female vocals of rebel bombshell Phoebe Pinnock, twisting their way around a stomping Aussie riff factory!

The fellas in the riff machine are an Aussie metal supergroup from notorious and groundbreaking Aussie metal bands such as Manticore, Damaged, The Berzerker, House of Thumbs, Terrorust and Abramelin – The vibe is PURE ENERGY!!!

Phoebe Pinnock is the singer and songwriter who is not your regular bleach blonde hard rock Aussie girl.

“As an innocent child, I wanted to grow up and be a stripper …before music stole my heart”….. and the only thing that kept her alive after being orphaned at a young age and a year of working as a dancer in the Sydney’s notorious badlands, Kings Cross.

Born of a rebellious catholic boarding schoolgirl mother and a schizophrenic savant father, Phoebes upbringing was extraordinary.

“My fathers mental illness caused a great deal of discussion and experimentation around the idea of God, his mind was genius and I was brought up to create my own meanings in life and that’s what I sing about, with my band of brothers, with all my being”.

When she was 13, she taught herself guitar watching taped videos of film clips and was inspired to write her first song when she saw a hot guy, with long hair and sleeve tattoos cranking Napalm Death from his stereo and revving a burgundy Sandman Panelvan around the streets of Lake Albert, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia, where she grew up.

“I decided there and then that I wanted a bad boy for a lover and penned “Hey! Mr Bad News (I Wanna See The Back Of Your Panelvan)”. 

She teamed up with Steve Watts, guitarist and former front man one of the toughest metal band to grace Australian stages, Manticore, and created a songwriting duo leading to the formation of the full blown rock metal outfit. She played him “Hey! Mr Bad News” and told him the story… fate would have it, it was Steve driving the panelvan she saw that day that inspired her musical direction.

Phoebe and Steve developed their songwriting partnership playing heavied up acoustic versions of their songs at local venues, and with the support of the local media, became a local musical hit, touching the hearts of people with their songs and causes, written about their real life and deepening relationship story on stage.

Phoebes tough journey through the darkest of night lives she lived in her experiences as a dancer gave her the blessing of experiencing unconditional love which brought her back into the light. Her touching song of the same name was Unearthed by Triple J and she sang it live on air to the nation. The current band believes this is the most valuable song in their work because of the heart and unforgettable story in it.

Moving to Melbourne, they teamed up with Mat “Skitz” Silcock (Damaged) and endorsed by producer Ren Parisi from Melbourne records started developing their songs from the tough edged acoustic duo into the musical creation Heaven The Axe is today. They recorded “So Nirvana” and “Glue” and their world started turning…all the while the boys supported Carcass, Deicide and the worlds best metal acts in “Terrorust” (which has evolved to “Insidious Torture” touring the world). In the background, Phoebe, adjusted to the city, writing the songs about what it meant to survive in the city, being an Aussie country girl with a big dream.

Mat Silcock is the guitarist from legendary Aussie “hatecore” band Damaged, who, some would say, are the one of the most influential Aussie bands of the nineties. The riffage on the albums “Do Not Spit” and “Passive Backseat Demon Engines” speaks for itself. Mat’s style complimented Steves playing perfectly. Mat is the perfect guitarist for this band and the two metal heads are definitely better as one.

Tim Aldridge, from internationally renowned bands “The Berzerker” and “Abramelin” is an extremely highly respected guitarist in his own right choosing to pick up the bass for Heaven The Axe because “he just wanted in”. He has since moved onto playing internationally touring as one of the members of The Amenta, touring Europe with Decide and Australia with Morbid Angel. In steps Ballarat boy, Trav Price, with no musical resume to boast, however Trav’s natural talent and total drive has seen him take over Tim’s place full time.

Tom Rossell and Aramis Pitrinec share the title of Heaven The Axe’s drummer, with Tom recording the Debut Record and performing with Heaven The Axe at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and Summernats. Tom is dedicated to his lifelong musical dream in Aussie up and coming crushers “House Of Thumbs”. This band is one to watch and such is their musical commitment, Heaven The Axe sought out a second (but no less) drummer, finding Aramis Pitrinec, located 3 and a half hours out of Melbourne, who travels religiously to Melbourne for rehearsals several times a week! The two both share the role, writing some nights with Tommy, some nights with Aramis, and playing live with both on alternating songs

Heaven The Axe have just released their debut record in Melbourne to over 1000 attendees at The Palace Theatre in Melbourne City, supported CrashDiet from Sweden, have toured as the main support for Rose Tattoo on a string of shows being hand picked by Angry Anderson himself and are in constant demand as an Australian hard rock headlining act. Make sure to subscribe to the website email list for updates on shows in your area.

Their music is sought after and cranked on many TV shows, particularly sporting TV, both in Australia and internationally.

Heaven The Axe is an authentic ball tearing expression of the finer aspects of the soul on rock n rolls terms. It is pure rebellious Aussie culture at its most stereotypical and most extreme. The combination of masculine balls and feminine structure and unrelenting power is what is giving this new band its core. Its the definition of HEAVEN THE AXE.

Tough, Australian rock combining metal riffs, tight and heavy guitar driven music teamed with catchy, tough, immense female vocals of a woman who knows how to sing what she’s singing about – and she has the army behind her to translate it into musical GRUNT.

This is a band who will obliterate your stereos, and will only surpass that by decimating your senses when you see them live!

Heaven The Axe released their debut record titled “Sex, Chugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll” in on Sept 18 2011 and touring.


– Sex, Chugs And Rock ‘n’ Roll [2012]

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