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Country Norway

Style Hard Rock

ProfileĀ Norway’s HART was formed in Oslo in early 2012 and is the new band for singer Rock Hart who is joined by lead guitarists Julian Angel and Steen Larsen. Musically, the band implements influences such as KISS, Twisted Sister, and Judas Priest, along with a visual technique that is comparable to Billy Idol.

Rock gained notoriety as the frontman of Norway’s glam sensation SEKS, with a well-receivedĀ album entitled “Harder Than You” released in 2011. The album received a feature in AOR magazine’s sampler CD in Fall 2011 and spawned the single and music video for the fan favorite “Charlemagne.” But now with a new band, a new image was needed.

Hair spiked and leather-clad, Rock Hart may carve up the short-haired punk rock posture of a certain blonde 80s bad boy, but that’s not all. Being stuck in the 80s himself, Rock knew exactly who he needed as his guitar-slinging partner in crime…Beautiful Beast’s Julian Angel, followed afterward by ex-SEKS guitarist Steen Larsen.

Having worked together with SEKS’ previous release, Hart and Angel have formed a comradery like the great Billy Idol and Steve Stevens duo, and not only in looks. All over HART’s debut album “The Conqueror”, you can hear how well the two work together, with a feel that takes the listener back to the early 80s with loud guitars, wailing vocals, and huge choruses.

On June 6th, HART released their first single, “Untamed Heart of Rock N’ Roll” with a video that gives a nod to the glory days of hard rock. HART’s “The Conqueror” will be released digitally on September 4th, 2012, followed by a limited edition physical version.

– The Conqueror [2012]

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