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Grease Helmet


COUNTRY: Finland

STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE: By the 21th century the pure essence of Rock n Roll had been suffocated by the iron fists of a commercially infected music business! Something had to be done to preserve and resurrect the rebellion against the fundamental crimes towards attitude, groove and liberty of Rock ‘n Roll!

Grease Helmet was founded by Jere Garcia and Niclas Etelävuori on october 2009 in Helsinki Finland. 5K Studios was a

dopted as Helmet Headquarters. It would provide the haven where the strategy of standard/hard Rock ‘n Roll was to be conducted! Soon word spread out and Jan Rechberger, Ben Varon and guitar legend Andy McCoy where recruited to the Grease Helmet army. 

Within two years Grease Helmet created their unique sound and dynamic songwriting skills which will be displayed in the highly anticipated self titled debut album Grease Helmet. (to be released in september 2012)

Grease Helmet is ready, prepared and hungry to tour the planet by releasing their energetic show as the saviours of authentic Rock N Roll!!!

!!!!!Keep Your Helmet Greasy!!!!!!!!


– Grease Helmet [2012]

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