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Country Netherlands

Style Hard Rock/Blues Rock/Fusion/Progressive Rock

Profile Gingerpig… It starts with a Hammond-organ. Such an ultimate rock instrument should be accompanied by a band, right? That’s also what Gorefest-guitarist Boudewijn Bonebakker thought when he started the band Gingerpig at the end of 2008. Not only to justify the purchase of a Hammond, but also to create rockmusic in peace and freedom. “My philosophy is that I’m able now to make real music without too many restrictions. Not as a product, produced with protocols, to please a specific target group. I want to make music in an honest, organic and human way and as a real band. Actually in the old way that once was conventional.”

In a short amount of time Bonebakker wrote loads of songs which are clearly based on the vibe of the bluesrock- and hardrockmasters of old times. But there is more. Much more. Trips to 70’s funk, soul, jazzrock and even early symphonic rock are definitely more a rule than an exception.

In the process of forming a new band, Bonebakker meets up with drummer Ries Doms. He is soon followed by bassplayer Sytse Roelevink. To man the Hammond-organ Bonebakker already knows pianist Jarno van Es who he had seen freaking a while before in a smoke-filled jazzcave. “I searched for a sound and I needed a particular type of musician for all the instruments. For the drummer I had an old style Zappa in mind, a real ruffler. The Who for the bass and someone like Jon Lord or Keith Emerson on the keyboard, but that was already soon all expanded by a lot of soul.”

In 2011 Gingerpig surprised the music world with The Ways Of The Gingerpig. A wayward mixture of seventies-rock, blues, fusion and post-metal. The record garnered excellent reviews but for many the ways of the Gingerpig seemed almost too versatile. A secret tip among connoisseurs but difficult to label. The title of the new album seems to be a direct reference to that.

With the new album “Hidden From View” the quartet became a trio and unshackled itself from excess and forged into a compactcollective, leaning towards straight forward Hard-Rock. A blend of seventies-rock, blues, fusion that got excellent response.

a2454343714_2 a3839661026_2 Gingerpig_Ghost_01-LP-cover

– The Ways of the Gingerpig [2011]
– Hidden From View [2013]
– Ghost on the Highway [2015]


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