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Ghost Avenue


Country Norway

Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Profile In Spring 2002 Kim “Ihzzy” Sandvik and Øystein “Oyz” Wiik got together and took the first steps of what would later become Ghost. In the basement of Ihzzy’s house in the country side of Norway, Nesodden, the rock sound of the 80’s was about to have a new dawn. With a cheap P.A system and an Ibanez guitar, songs where written and melodies cracked out like thunder through the night.

The roaring sounds and laughter throughout the late hours, called upon Asbjørn Wiik’s attention. With a third member now in place, it was about time to find a drummer to complete the bill… A year and a half later, after having tried out numerous drummers they finally found what they were looking for. A hard hitting drummer and his name is Petter Lein. Through him, Ghost where now finally a four piece band. With a new location just outside Oslo Ghost could continue to make music history!

In summer 2006, Asbjørn called it a quit and retired as bass player. He may be lost for Ghost, but not from the family. In to replace him came a truly skilled finger picking bass player, Magnus Liseter and the show could go on. After two more years they found out that something was missing, and to reach their goal of global domination, they knew that they had to find a second guitarist. And in winter 2008 Ghost finally became a hard hitting five piece. André Berger stepped up to the challenge to further tweak the music the world has been longing to hear for so long. He soon found his place in the band and is a vital part in the writing process.

In November 2008 they had their first gig as a five-piece band at Skuret in Oslo. The place was packed and the gig went down like a storm!  Ghost entered Nye Losjen Studios in February 2009 to record their first EP – Days Undercover. It received positive reviews from the metal press both in Norway and abroad. March of 2010 a new studio session was booked at Nye Losjen Studios and Ghost recorded what would be their debut full length album – The Engraving – released at the Jorn support gig at Kolben the 15th of May.

2011 and 2012 were used to play a bunch of gigs and write new material. Spring of 2012 Ghost once again entered Nye Losjen Studios to record a new record and after a bit back and forth with the mixing and mastering process the record was finally ready early 2013. Summer of 2013 the band signed with Pitch Black Record and also changed their name to Ghost Avenue. The follow up to the debut album was decided to be self titled and released on October 8th and received even better reviews that still are pouring in! The rest of 2013 and 2014 will be used for playing live and writing new material for yet another album, so stay tuned!


ghost-timewilltell ghost-daysundercover engraving-front Ghost Avenue - ST Norway front cover

– Time Will Tell [2005] EP
– Days Undercover [2009] EP
– The Engraving [2010]
– Ghost Avenue [2013]



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