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STYLE: Melodic Rock/AOR

PROFILE: Flemt were “virtually” born in 2006 thanks to the Kurnalcool’s twentieth anniversary.
During this event all the members who in the course of time,alterned in the band,took turns on the stage. That was also the occasion in which Frank Lappa and Michael Trilling met again.

The two players had a short past in common in the “wine metal” group from Falconara and mainly knew each other for the long union which,in the 80’s,was called “Ixion’s Wheel. During theprolific and restless period of the 80’s,the “Ixion’s Wheel” was one of the first heavy metal band in Marche Region (central Italy),in particular in Falconara,a smalltown of the district in which,during those years many other young band tried to emerge.
More that Frank Lapini bass and Michael Trilling guitar took part in the band Andy Silver drums and Gianluca Corinaldesi previous singer,then followed by : Maculan Leonardo and Massimiliano Borrelli. From the testing room in “via Leopardi” (little road where,in a small building,musicians could play),the sound which came out were those of the typical heavy metal style known in those years. In fact in their music of that period we can find:Irion Maiden’s echoes of their epic ridings,AC-DC’s virtuosities or Scorpion’s melodies.
These guys would have liked to continue the story of “Ixion’s Wheel”,but unfortunately in 2006,a French group adopten the same name. To tell the truth,the name fits much better to the black French metal group rather than to the smoother sonorities of the “met again” band. That’s the reason why Flemt was born,a word which has no specific English translation. Anyway,it has a concrete meaning which,by now,will be kept secret. Who knows,maybe it could because a reason for debate among the band’s fans who would like to guess Flemt’s sense.

Durin the 80’s Ixions’s Wheel created a demo with thirteen tracks. These tracks are the inspiration from which Flemt come to life,with a new and original projet. Flemt do not simply get back this material,using it as a here revival as many others do,remaining enchained to one of the most hedonistic period in recent musical history. Ixion’s Wheel’s material is just a hint,the starting point from which Flemt create and suggest something totally new. The new born creation has nothing to do with the previous metal genre;it has evolved into a traditional American rock typology. A surgical job which has abolished too long excerpts,too pretentious riffs,never-ending “intros”(all peculiarites of the beginning genre).

To succeed in the operation Flemt initially applied to technology,then to “human material”. That’s the way in which the first six songs where born. They are part of a full-length on which the band is working on and it will come out on april 2010. Although all the members group were enthusiastic about the initiative,not all the original band has been recovered. Different engagements every one had,made impossible the reconstitution of the complete group. That’s why Frank Lapini and Michael Trilling Started to contact different players to whom entrust Flemt’s drums and texts. A new fellowship has been done with Daniele Bianchelli singer,Diego Romagnoli drummer and Ivano Zoppi Keyboards.

This new quintet starts working and giving new shape to the raw array of the Ixion’s Wheel’s songs. They made a choice among all the excerpts,keeping only those which still have a marked up-to-dateness. Anyway they totally redefined all the sonorities and structures. Flemt had also to work on texts ‘cause the original ones were partly lost and also because the previous words’ sense given by the Ixion’s Wheel,was too close to the dark atmosphere of the metal genre. So they had to create new meanings and contents to songs which hat to fit exactly to new melodic Flemt’s sound.


– The Time Has Come [2012]

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