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Ex Wife’s Skull


Country Germany

Style Glam/Hard Rock

Profile In 2011, Bronco “the Ball Crusher” Malone (bass and vocals), Vincent Voltage and Lick “the Animal” Fury met (both guitar), who were previously active together in the Rock/Metal- cover band Guts N ‘Glory to a jam Voltages session in the basement. As they got drummer Matt Demon to do so. They decided to form a band and called themselves Ex Wife’s skull. By the American sitcom “Married With Children”, in which the main character Al Bundy sings the song “Psycho Dad,” Malone was inspired to this name of Bundy Actor Ed O’Neill. However, here is the talk of “the man with the scalp of his ex-wife’s head,” which had both voltage and Malone out the influence of alcohol is wrong.

After a short time, they decided to record a demo in-house production. However, they were not satisfied with the result, after Demon flew out of the band. He was succeeded by Billy Thunder. In addition, Ricky Razor took over the bass. After this had taken at a concert a strong hallucinogen, he landed in psychiatry and the requirements of the band could no longer be just what his expulsion meant it. So Malone again took over the bass part, in addition to his lead vocals.

After a few gigs they took in spring 2013 on their first album “The Ultimate Frightmare” denArtist in recording studios. Vince Voltage produced the disc mostly out of pocket. It convinces by independent, raw hard rock in the style of the 1980s. Billy Thunder, with whom she had previously been performing a few concerts, could not convince the recordings and was also subsequently fired. The album played ado Sid “the avalanche” Fisher vonContracrash ein.Vom title track of the album, a music video was released, the CD was released in March 2013.

New drummer was now already buddy “the Hammer” Lee, who had previously tanned hides in the band Mad Rockdie. Every now and then met with occasional concerts Phil “the tripod” Mars on bass to relieve Malone, so that he could concentrate on the singing. Mars had previously also dabbled as a bassist and bandleader Guts N ‘Glory. In relevant band contests Ex Wife’s Skull gained more and were thereby praised for their technical skills preferred.



– The Ultimate Frightmare [2013]




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