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Dirty Little Rebel


Country United Kingdom

Style Glam/Punk/Hard Rock

ProfileĀ Dirty Little Rebel was created by founders Rebel Rogers and Dizzy Dee in early 2012. Rebel Rogers and Dizzy Dee have previously been in other bands together throughout the years with numerous successes with both gigs and radio play around the world. Getting bored of hearing so many mainstream bands churning out music with no attitude they decided it was time someone brought back the raw energy and punk attitude that’s gone missing. They spent a vast amount of time in and out of the studio recording songs and perfecting their craft, many hours writing and creating songs with the raw, energetic, in your face attitude they so longed for.

Not being a conventional band that follows the herd, they decided this wasn’t just going to be your average band, they wanted more than that… They not only wanted to create music that kicked ass but to also create a universe for the other rebellious people out there to join. .. Rebel Rogers & Dizzy Dee stated: ”We sit and watch older rock and punk bands play and there was so much raw energy from them and their fans that you just don’t see in music any more. There was a buzz and an energy that seems to be fading away more and more nowadays, we’re not saying it’s not there, but it’s getting harder to find.

That’s where we want to make a change. It’s not just about the music for us it’s about being fun and energetic and not sticking to what society wants to see and hear. It’s about us waving our middle finger in the air, shouting obscenities and generally just living off punk energy….. So let’s all scream, shout and rock the fuck out!



– Tend To Offend [2012] EP



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