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Dirty Lips


COUNTRY: Germany

STYLE: Hard Rock

PROFILE:¬†Dirty Lips was founded in 1989 by Frank, Roger, D.D. and Thomy. The band released their first full lenght CD “NOTHING’S BETTER THAN YOUR …” on their own expenses in December 1993. Looking back now, Roger says: “Guess what: They never made it anywhere near big. Hey – but at least they tried!” Today the album is rarely sold on ebay and other websides. People keep asking up to US$99 for it.

That’s also a reason why the band decided to record a new album. “It showed them that there are people out there, still liking their music after all these years. They found positive comments all over the internet with people looking for their first album. That really gave them the courage to give it another shot. So far the overwhelming feedback showed that they were right about recording FROM NOTHING TO NOW”, Roger says. What makes DIRTY LIPS special? “Theycould write down all kinds of cliche, how BAM our guitars are, how BOOM the drums sound etc., but in the end it all comes down to the fact that you gotta listen to the music.

They always liked Kiss, Motley Crue, Metallica and all kinds of other rockbands, so I guess that influenced them. And their emphasis was always to present a good live show.” Because of personal reasons, Thomy was replaced by “Marco”, Rogers younger brother in 2007. Marco is a great musician, plays far more instruments than just leadguitar and fits perfectly. Together they recorded FROM NOTHING TO NOW which was released on june 1st, 2012, almost 19 years after the release of their first album. ¬†“Their goal is not to make a fortune by selling their CD, but to spread their music to bring joy to their fans and let them have a good time”.


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– Nothing’s Better Than Your … [1993]
– From Nothing To Now [2012]

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By Roger

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