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Danger Angel


Country Greece

Style Hard Rock

Profile Danger Angel is a hard rock band from Athens, Greece. The band was formed in 2006 by Ethan Snow (guitars) and Spiros Foussekis (guitars), both members of several small, local bands and private projects since the early nineties. Mike Kasidakis is referenced as the original singer and was replaced by Jimmy Cage in 2008 (left 2010), while Tony V. (drums) and Rudy Rallis (bass) joined up in 2008 too. AHAS  took over the keyboards spot a while earlier in 2007, while vocalist M.T. (vocals) joined the band in 2010, replacing Jimmy Cage. The band agreed on a worldwide deal with American label Perris Records in August, 2009 and released their debut album in January 2010.

Members come from different backgrounds, Snow (guitars) and Rallis (bass) being former members of rock, hard rock and heavy metal bands like Sacrament, Vertigo and Delivers Of Rock, while AHAS (keyboards) came from a more funk-RnB oriented background, also being a founding member of the Christian Rock band “the Floks”, with whom he released two albums “No Matter What” (2003) and “Ystati Katharotita (tr. Ultimate Purity)” (2009). He was also the keyboards player for the Greek pop-rock band Nekyia (Warner Music)  with whom he released an album titled “I Ekdikisi Tis Siopis (tr. Revenge Of Silence)” (2009). His side project “Mamacita On Fire” is a band of a more Rock-RnB style and are now (2011) in the process of preparing their new album. AHAS, is a certified keyboards, piano and jazz theory professor and also plays the trumpet. AHAS is also responsible for the Administration, Management and Maintenance departments of the “Anagennisi” (tr. Renaissance) Conservatory in Athens, Grece.  Tony V. (drums) was a former member of Silver R.I.S.C. in the early nineties, released an album in 1992, titled “Anything She Does”. Tony has been a sought after session drummer ever since. Vocalist M.T. (a.k.a. Minas Tsigos), before joining Danger Angel, was a professional Club singer, performing at several Athens rock stages since 2005.


Danger Angel - Danger Angel - Front 1360326452_12961f848aaf

– Danger Angel [2010]
– Revolutia [2013]



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