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Cincinnati Sinners


Country USA

Style Sleaze Hard Rock 

Profile You have heard ‘em on the Hard Rock Nights Radio show. You have heard ‘em on Class X Radio. The Cincinnati Sinners have released a six song EP titled 6pak. Russell Jinkens, who has previously sang in the bands Prizoner and CJSS, is somewhat of a local legend in the Cincinnati music scene. The rest of the Sinners are experienced musicians from well known bands as well. You can tell these guys have a second wind big enough to blow up a tornado too. 

Compare these guys to the younger bands in town and you see (and hear) what a difference 25 years of experience makes. Russell’s vocals are tuned in perfect, never straying from his wide range and often his unique sound lends new interest to classic covers. Some tunes are dead on covers, others are re-tuned to Russell’s unique style. Take for instance Cincinnati Sinner’s Zeppelin rendition. Rather than covering one tune, they perform a medley of several Zeppelin songs (a super popular trend today I admit I love). I’ve seen tribute bands that can’t hold a candle to the Cincy Sinner’s Zeppelin performance. I wish they had an audio track of that medley on their facebook to prove it too (although they do have original tunes Thunder, Cold Pussy Strut & Big Sexy, plus a Only Rock & Roll cover). 

You can also hear what I mean on the cover of Only Rock & Roll. This cover is unlike any version you’ve heard before. It’s a must hear for anyone reading. I would go on as to why but it wouldn’t matter. You have to hear it to understand. In fact, quit reading and check it out if you’re by a computer with decent speakers, words don’t compare.
Classic metal from Motorhead, Priest and even early Motley Crue will be heard at the show (among countless other great bands). When’s the last time you heard 10 Seconds To Love! I would go so far to say they did a better job than the Crue did back when I last saw them (Vince rushed it and his vocals were basically indecipherable, the whole band was sloppy).

Cincinnati Sinners doesn’t just rely on their front man’s talent. The big bad bass-man Rudy Garcia (Liquor Box) thumps his way though every song with authority and expertise. Ex-Mighty Swine drummer Dan Norris not only looks like he’s been on a world tour for the past 20 years he plays like it too. He’s not back there just tappin the beat out, both feet are double bassin’ while his fingers are twirlin’ & twistin’ his sticks the whole time. The show the Sinners puts on, you’d think they were filming live for a MTV world premier video (if MTV still played videos). 

Ex-Brain Bucket guitarist Stephen “Smoke” Krause can sort of throw you. You’ll hear a savage solo crankin’ out but he’s not even breakin’ a sweat. Sure, he gets into the performances, but if you look close you’ll see he’s almost casual in the way he works his way up & down his six string, just smiling. He makes it look easy. But hell, if practice makes perfect, everyone in the Sinners should be considered virtuosos of bad ass rock & roll. They all play hard, sing their guts out and put on a crystal clear, solid pro show.

On the 6pak EP, The Sinners have released five original tunes, and a fun cover of the Rolling Stones’ classic, “It’s Only Rock N Roll”. The five original tunes that rock hard and are a blast to listen to. The high-octane rocker “Thunder” sounds like a blend of classic AC/DC and Foghat. I have been fortunate enough to see Sinners play this one live, and it rocks just as hard on the CD, as it does live. “Cold Pussy Strut” is a sleazy rocker that could have easily been written by Taime Downe. This song sounds like it could have come out of the late 80′s. 

“Girls, Cars, Guitars And Rock N Roll” is a simple but fun rocker, about….wait for it….. girls, cars, guitars and rock n’ roll. This is a catchy tune with some pretty rockin’ guitar riffs.

“Big Sexxy” is the only song on the 6pak that has a southern rock vibe. This song could actually get airplay on rock and country stations, although it definitely more on the rock side of the house.

“Sinnerz Swing” is the heaviest song on the 6pak. This style of this song reminds me a lot of Kid Rock, but very cool nonetheless.

There isn’t a bad song on the 6Pak, and it definitely worth of a download. For more information on Sinners, please check out the band’s Facebook page.

– 6Pak [2012]

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