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Country Sweden

Style Melodic Rock/Hard Rock/Progressive Rock

Profile Baltimoore is a Swedish rock band, led by Swedish singer Björn Lodin. Lodin was originally approached by Elektra Records in 1987 to record a solo album, but Lodin opted to use the moniker Baltimoore rather than his own name. In 1992, Lodin relocated to Åland, Finland, where he met Bulgarian-born guitarist Nikolo Kotzev. They joined forces for two Baltimoore albums, Double Density and Thought for Food. Due to personal and musical differences, Kotzev left the band in 1994 to start his own project, Brazen Abbot. Baltimoore was then on hiatus until 2000, when Lodin resurfaced with Original Sin. He would move back to Sweden the same year.

In 2006, the band ended its relationship with Finnish record label Lion Music to start up their own label, BLP Music, on which their two latest albums, Kaleidoscope and X (both 2006), are released. Lodin then contributes to an album “Chameleon” released by Balls before beginning work on a new Baltimoore album entitled Quick Fix in late 2008 set for release in the second quarter of 2009.

After the release of “Quick Fix” Björn put the band on hold to focus on a new venture with Hungarian rockers HARD, a collaboration with bore two releases – 2010’s “Time Is Waiting For No One” and 2011’s “Even Keel”. Numerous live gigs in Hungary followed including supporting Kiss as well as a feature on MTV Hungary. But it was back to Baltimoore in 2012 where Bjorn took time out to write new material and piece together another new line-up.

He called bassist Weine Johansson and organist Örjan Fernkvist and they were game, and also got two new guys involved – guitarist Mats Attaque, who was in Ready Steady with me prior to Baltimoore back in 1986. The other fellow being drummer Klas Anderhell”.Recordings took place throughout 2013 with final mixing and mastering taking place in early 2014. Baltimoore’s 12th album “Back For More” sees release in March 2014 on BLP Music.

“1.1” released in 2015 a 18-song CD covering the entire Baltimoore career, but all tracks heve been newly mixed and mastered – some songs are also newly recorded with the present line-up. The newest tracks featured on “1.1” are in this vein, although remixed in a more punchy palette.What’s really fun to hear are the early Baltimoore AOR songs re-recorded with this new musical approach.


– There’s No Danger On The Roof [1989]
– Freak [1990]
– Double Density [1992]
– Thought For Food [1994]
– Original Sin [2000]
– The Best Of Baltimoore [2001]
– Ultimate Tribute [2003]
– Fanatical [2005]
– Kaleidoscope [2006]
– X [2006]
– Quick Fix [2009]
– Back For More [2014]


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