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Arrow Haze



Country Belgium

Style Hard Rock / Progressive Rock

Profile Belgium-based rock band, Arrow Haze, showcase their hard-hitting, classic-rock inspired sound on their debut album “Music Factory” due out on November 23rd, 2012. Comprised of Theo Green (Vocals/Drums), Karoly Alapi (Guitar), MattRach (Guitar) and Stef Exelmans (Bass), they’ve been consistently inspired by bands like The Doors, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, but their mainstream sound on “Music Factory” leaves them in a space between genres.

Founder Theo Green says, “I wanted to start a band that will reflect the sound and energy of the old hard rock bands and combine it with modern sounds,” which is exactly what they’ve achieved on their debut. “Music Factory” is an album with surprises around every corner, including an appearance by keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), infused with their signature melodic hardcore edge that is driven by an innovative guitar heavy sound full of dexterity and lacking restraint. Full of stand-out tracks that rock fans will be drawn to, it is a well-crafted album that defines their musical direction and solidifies them as one of rock’s newest bands to watch.

The first single, “Casino,” starts with a rolling pound of the drum, building up to the excruciatingly precise electric guitar solo reminiscent of Metallica’s “One,” immediately beginning the album with an injection of furious bursts of thrash and power. Full of self-determination and unrestrained attitude, it’s a radio-ready first single that will reach fans of many different genres as Theo’s vocal daggers explode for a perfectly balance, full-throttled sound. “Dreams” is another slow building track, with a sprawling and immersive atmospheric feeling, mixed with a bittersweet harmony infused melody that proves the bands talents lie in more than their instrumentation. Its fragile undercurrent is tense with emotion, culminating in a beautiful finish that leaves you wanting to press repeat. Rock steady track, “Along The Way” is rife with tenderness, an resounding chord progression that feels both melancholy and oddly hopeful, it perfectly fits Theo’s haunting vocals by allowing him to stretch his dynamic limits.

Even with their signature guitar breakdown that infuses psychedelic tones, which serves as the hardest point in the track, it never strays from the stoic emotion. From the start “Elly Kedward” is full of grinding intensity, lurching with a calamity of sound all the way to the finish, ripe with gritty guitar riffs that push the song to chaotic heights. With understated vocals, steamrolling drums and guitars mingle together, allowing the members to showcase their talents with each soaring guitar solo. The titled track, “Music Factory” is a cacophony of sound, guitar layered on top of guitar, and drums that are pounding and propulsive but with purpose. It shocks the listener in to attention, building and falling from the epic intensity until it shifts to a suddenly subdued vocal focus, allowing the band to really show-off what they’re capable of. “Music Factory” is a stellar debut, allowing the listener to give themselves over to waves of volume and incident.



– Music Factory [2012]



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