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Style Hard Rock

Profile¬†Alexx is a songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and a single father. After playing the local and regional club scene for well over a decade, Alexx took another decade off, away from the music scene, effectively putting his music on hold, to raise three small children as a sole parent. As the days, months and years passed, Alexx maintained his musical dreams, keeping them alive, and knowing some day he’d be back to finish what he started. During this period, he continued playing his instruments, writing songs and doing occasional sit-ins at local clubs with local groups with whom he remained friends and maintained contact.

It came to a point, recently, that Alexx knew that the time had come to take his shot at the dream that never left his mind or his heart. Beginning in early 2008, Alexx worked diligently at redeveloping his skills on multiple instruments and writing new songs for the solo cd, that in his heart, he knew that he must make to continue his dream and maintain his sanity. During this period, he put in from 40-60 hours per week on his music, while running his own business full time and still raising three young children as a sole parent. Fortunately, since Alexx owns the business, he was able to overlap his duties, and his business also doubled as a rehearsal space and day/evening care center for his kids. From March thru May 2012, Alexx recorded his new cd, entitled Escaping the Dungeon, at Clap of Thunder Studio in El Paso, Texas, with the help of his old friend and drummer Rick Talavera, and his new friend, Gabe Gonzalez, an amazingly talented, accomplished and well respected musician and recording engineer.

The recording sessions, scheduled around his work and child care duties, proved to be quite a challenge from the start. During the first six-day work week at Clap of Thunder, Alexx was quite ill from the flu, yet worked full time, running on ibuprophen, hot tea, flu medication and sheer guts and determination. During this first fatefull week, Alexx successfully recorded all the basic tracks, minus the vocals, which were not possible due to laryngitis caused by the flu. Alexx played rhythm, lead and bass guitar tracks on the ten songs himself with the exception of three songs on which Gabe played the bass. Gabe, in addition to playing bass on three tracks, also played all the acoustic guitar tracks and played some amazing lap-steel guitar on two songs, Live to Ride and Losing Control Again. Rick played drums on the ten tracks. After a few weeks recovery, Alexx’s voice returned sufficiently to return to Clap of Thunder to lay the vocal tracks for the album, and at the advice of Gabe Gonzalez, re-recorded all the lead guitar tracks.

The end result of this challenging but rewarding endeavor is “Alexx, Escaping the Dungeon.” “The Dungeon” is what Alexx nick-named his rehearsal space in the rear portion of his business “Flooring by Alexx and Alexx,” in El Paso, Texas. During the down time, Alexx felt like he was in a dungeon, because he was dying to go out and perform his music live, once again. In addition to his instrumental and vocal duties, Alexx composed the music and lyrics for all ten tracks. As of this writing, the music for the cd is complete, mastered and in the artwork and duplication stage. Escaping the Dungeon is expected to be released on or about June 30, 2012, and Alexx is currently putting together a band to play live shows, building this website, beginning to market his music and seeking a record contract and licensing deals to further his life-long musical journey, hopefully bringing his music to the masses.¬†

– Escaping the Dungeon [2012]

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