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Mechanix – Regenerator [2002]

MECHANIX_REGCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members
Danny Pisano – Bass,Vocals, Dave Gundacker – Guitars,Vocals, Eric Monroe – Drums,Vocals, John D’Angelo – Lead Vocals, Scott Anderson – Keyboards,Vocals

01. Nobody’s Hero (4:11), 02. Justice (3:31), 03. Night Of The Dancer (4:11), 04. Mr. Invisible (4:37), 05. Battle Dance (2:49), 06. Another Night (4:22), 07. Half Past Midnight (4:47), 08. Mercy (4:12), 09. Love ‘N’ Lies (3:36), 10. Can’t Let Go (4:46), 11. What’s It To Ya (4:38), 12. Steel Rain (4:24)

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Profile This band is really NVS. Their best tunes are on this so save money unless you are a diehard collector. This is American hard rock in the vein of Tour De Force and Fortune, featuring a lead vocalist (John D’ Angelo), who has quite a range and isn’t afraid to let rip. At times he reminds me a little of Tony Harnell and Raine’s David Lindland. Maybe it’s that higher pitch vocal delivery and maybe there’s even a little heavier Firehouse in there… There are keyboard parts intertwined into the music, but the majority of this album is very much dominated by a hard heavy guitar sound.

On to the disc, “No Body’s Hero” is a stunning way to start any CD, slashing guitars and a pumping bass line, before those soaring vocals kick in and that shiver runs all the way down your spine. Yes, Mechanix have taken melodic rock and dragged it kicking and screaming into their own mould, the result is something you are never likely to forget. Take the song “Justice” for example, how can you not fall in love with song like this after the first few chords…. The thing is, like Tour de Force they have recorded an album that grabs you by the throat from track one and does not let go until the last track, even then you are still begging for more. It is pure pleasure to listen to tracks like “Mr. Invisible” and “Battle Dance”; they jump out at you and slap you in the face with their structure and melody. All sorts of bands ranging from Aviator, Styx and TNT come to mind, but Mechanix retain their own uniqueness, even the balladry of “Another Night” has a charm all of its very own. However, its songs like “Half past Midnight” that will have you in a melodic frenzy, these five boys just have that ability to keep your attention. I could easily rave on about any of the tracks on the album, as I said initially, there are just no fillers. Just listen to “Love n’ Lies” and “Mercy”, the power of the melodies and the vocal prowess of John D’Angelo is simply breathtaking. He really has a voice that delivers, and when it is backed up by harmonies as presented to us in the song “Can’t let go”, you can only sit in silence and enjoy.

They play hard hitting rock that shakes buildings to the foundations and they are masters of their profession. So, if anyone out there has found themselves playing albums by Tour De Force, Artica and the US band Fortune they are in for a big treat. Anyone not familiar with these bands can simply be told that Mechanix are purveyors of huge anthemic melodic rock that is driven by massive guitar hooks and solos, along with keyboard passages to die for and a lead vocalist who can sing his heart out.


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Mechanix - Regenerator [2002], 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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