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Malachia – Red Sunrise [1987]

MalachiaCountry USA

Style CCM Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 79/100

Band Members Ken Pike – Vocals,guitar, Jeffery James – Lead guitar, Wade A. Little – Bass, Chima Ayola – Keyboards, Dave Devaughn – Drums

Tracks 01. In Christ We Rock, 02. Red Sunrise, 03. Lonely Is the Night, 04. Let It Go, 05. Sightless Eyes, 06. Heaven or Hell, 07. Mark of the Beast, 08. Master’s Call

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Profile Malachia were a short-lived California based metal/hard rock outfit formed in 1984 by bassist Wade A. Little. Many line-up changes till the final one and the band debuted with the ep “Under The Blade” came out in 1986. The band’s reputation started to grown up and playing around Los Angeles clubs and churches while a year later their full length album “Red Sunrise” released throught Victoria Ltd.. 

They played at a cool white metal festival back in the 80s together with Gardian (later Guardian), Vengeance (U.S.A.) and more. The band had great songwriting, very good and catchy tunes, memorable hooks and a great vocalist which in parts he has a bit of Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske and Rob Halford. Despite the quality of their music making, the big breakthrough never quite happened for Malachia. They changed their name to Bashan-Tyre and then, in 1990, to Vision.


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