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Line Of Fire – Momentum [2010]

PhotobucketCOUNTRY: USA          STYLE: Melodic Hard Rock

RATING: 85/100

Shawn Pelata – Lead vocals, Nikki Dimage – Guitars, keyboards and backing vocals, Thomas Clark – Guitars

Additional Musicians
Ed Darst – Guitars and piano, Rob Holder – Guitars, Eric Welch – Bass, Jeremy Thomas – Drums

01. It Takes Time, 02. Obsession, 03. Give Me All, 04. I’ll Be The One Tonight, 05. I Belong, 06. The Fire Never Dies, 07. I’m Crying For You, 08. In The Stone, 09. Undone, 10. Ghost In Your Heart, 11. Breaking The Chains


“Momentum” is the second and latest to date studio album by American melodic hard rock band “Line of Fire” released in 2010 by “Divebomb Records”. The line up features the established partenrship of guitarist Nikki Dimage and lead singer Shawn Pelata joined by new guitarist Thomas Clark also featuring additional musicians Jeremy Thomsd on drums and Eric Welch on bass.

A quality of “Momentum” tha comes across immediately is the guitar driven approach to their sound. The guitarists switch from rhythm parts, to melodic lines, to riffs-hence the six strings are consistent throughout the album, clearly the protagonist instrument. Equally siginficant is, as you would expect, the contribution of lead singer Shawn who’s vocal melodies commonly harmonize with the guitars making the choruses all the more memorable.

A more thourough listening reveals that though “Line of Fire” take as basis melodic rock, they seem comfortable in integrating elements of hard rock and pomp rock. In fact plenty of melodies and solos found on “Momentum” draw upon late`70s-early’80s melodic rock fairly reminiscent on “Journey”, “Thin Lizzy” and “Angel”. Favorite tracks include “The fire never dies”, “Obsession” and the sweet-sugary “Ghost in your heart” that closes the album.

If you enjoy guitar-driven melodic hard rock that brings together elements of all four decades of melodic music, “Line of fire-Momentum” is indeed the album to get!


by Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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