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Lancelot – History [1995]

PhotobucketCountry Germany         

Style Hard Rock

Rating 73/100

Band Members Albert Jochum – Vocals, Bernd Ferone – Guitar, Bodo Schopf – Drums, Frank Rummler – Bass, Hannes Luy – Keyboards, Rick de Soto – Vocals, Volker Herschbach – Keyboards, Wolfgang Schulz – Drums

Tracks 01. But I Just Can’t Stay Behind (4:38), 02. Come For Me Lady (5:27), 03. Waistin’ My Love (5:14), 04. Bird In A Golden Cage (6:54), 05. Heroes (5:17), 06. Old Times (6:50), 07. Slow Down (5:26), 08. Fire In The Night (5:57), 09. Get Down And Dirty (3:54), 10. Dancing On A Wire (4:35), 11. Junkey For Your Love (6:37), 12. Nightlover (8:53), 13. Cassette Demos 1973-1975 (3:44)

Profile Lancelot finally forward us this album released in 1995 that makes of “History” a real classic suitable to every kind of collection. But I think that calling it a “classic” is pretty reductive.

Lancelot recall those Slaughter-Cinderella atmospheres, with a hint of Great White, especially for their front man’s voice, Albert Jochum, which is particularly high-pitched. This album is rich in chorus, riffs and bases that make up the perfect combination to get the most incredible melodic rock sound a band could ever play.

The guitar riffs by their founding member Bernd Ferone together with the playful melodies of Wolfgang Schulz ,Bodo Schopf (drums) and bassist Frank Rummler, mixed with the prog atmospheres of some tracks released thanks to the keyboardists Volker Herschbach and Johannes Luy, just make us jealous towards the owner of this fantastic hair metal gem.

Lancelot are from Germany and were born under that name in the 70’s. In this album they include a bonus track titled “1975-1973 Cassetten-Demos” that reminded me of the Status Quo band of that era (it’s a mix of songs). Lancelot never released a full album, only a couple of singles. The band changed its name in Juicy Lucy later in 95. In “History” we find two tracks by Juicy Lucy: “Come for me lady” and “Junkey for your love”. On this album you can find some really great  hits like: “Bird in a golden cage”, “show down” and “Get down and dirty” that sound more GN’R than the GNR themselves at the “Lies” era ,make the whole album worth the money….

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Lancelot - History [1995], 9.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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