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Ladislav Krizek – Zlatej Chlapec [1991]

PhotobucketCountry Czech Republic          

Style Hard Rock/Melodic Metal

Rating 85/100

Band Members Karel Adam – Bass, Daniel Hafstein – Drums, Daniel Krob, Jaroslav Bartoň – Guitar, Karel Šíp – Vocals (track 11), Ladislav Křížek – Vocals, Anna K – Vocals (track 6)

Tracks 01. Zlatej chlapec , 02. Den za dnem , 03. Nech me snit , 04. Posledni den jsi ma, 05. Muj vlak , 06. Kam jen jdou lasky me, 07. Najdi to svy ja , 08. Na to zapomen, 09. Playboy , 10. Obeti slavy , 11. Dlouha mile

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Profile Lada Krizek is in the eyes of many of today’s metal fans completely damned. Pop deviation Damiens meant suicide. Let’s return now to the time when a star name Lada Krizek was completely on top of her fans and the crowds almost kneeling at his feet.

All started the legendary VITACIT where Lada created with Milos Dolezal bond that still runs even tribal witnesses willies. There is no wonder, the largest voice and guitar in the most lethal combination. Lada had an even greater ambitions and look abroad with the band Citron could not refuse. While abroad did not work out, but was one of the greatest jewels of Czech metal – “Radegast”. But even this is not enough, so he packed his bags and Lada-mate Jarda Barton put together a new supergroup Kreyson. Debut, “Angel On The Run” became a hit now and still belongs to the immortal classics.

Creative time pressure was really strong and Lada took advantage of his first solo album “Palme Boy”. It is questionable if it had not come under the umbrella of the parent band (in the study met the same musicians), but I think it’s better the way it is. The board does include a few metal pits that would be lost even on the debut, but Lada cooked several different things. For example, the title speaks all commercial thing or rock burner “Playboy”, which, although best known, but to me it is the weakest … The rest, however, are truly treasures that belong to the best ever made Lada. Very well known is a duet with Anne K. “Where my love goes”, which has, after years of very strong magic.

Similarly, the hymnal “Victims of Fame” which belonged to the best on any pancake Kreyson. Chorus of the matter is really breathtaking and I’m not the only one listening to romp home to a large space mad … get even slow the course of the composition. It was at that time had the greatest smell our nightingale. Speaks for itself Kreyson classic slow dances “are my last day.”

With few exceptions, “a compilation of Palme boy really magnificent things. As the set is not as strong as the “Angel on the run” or “Radegast”, but its place in the treasury of Czech recordings has and always will be.

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Ladislav Krizek - Zlatej Chlapec [1991], 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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