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Johnny Lee Michaels And The Androids – Daydreamer [1986]

Johnny Lee Michaels And The Androids - Daydreamer (1986) FrontCountry Finland          

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 82/100

Band Members Bone – Drums,Percussion, Alex – Grandpiano,Keyboards,Synthesizers, Johnny – Vocals,Guitars,Keyboards, ass, MIke – Bass, Scarlette – Lead Guitar,backing Vocals,Keyboards,Bass, Los Tres Amazonas And Highschool Chamber Choir – Backing vocals

Tracks 01. Daydreamer, 02. Renaissance of Love, 03. Neutron Bomb, 04. Gallery of Broken Hearts, 05. Lonely Brain, 06. Break Out, 07. Leave Me Alone, 08. One of Those Feelings, 09. How Many Times

Profile Johnny Lee Michaels is a Finnish started as a singer / songwriter in several rock groups in Finland and soon rose into stardom as one of the biggest teen idols in the early 80’s. Later became established as one of the most wanted film and TV-drama composers. A self-educated composer also merits as a producer, arranger, sound designer, recording engineer, programmer / synthesist, performing DJ and a remixer. He has co-written two books about film music techniques and given workshops and master classes at several instances, the remotest so far being the Music Institute Of Tunis.

His style as a composer varies from contemporary classical music to hardcore electronic, from romantic epic themes and spine chilling suspense, to adrenaline driven action scenes and at his best, combining all those elements, spiced up with fresh ideas. As a recording engineer he has worked up from the old-school analog to the latest digital based productions and was one of the first in Scandinavia to mix in surround for the big screen. His sound is recognized by the deep and wide three-dimensional characteristics. As a producer he is known for his strong arranging skills, the ability to combine organic and electronic elements in almost any genre. He has designed and shaped the sound of various artists and bands, The 69 Eyes being one amongst many.

“Daydreamer” is his first and only work came out in 1986 by Yahoo! Records with two different cover versions. The opening song and album’s title is the one of the highlights here with a harmony rhythm that will stuck in your head before the catchy chorus toss you in the air. The freakin’ awesome ballad “Lonely Brain” is an outsanding song with great sonwriting that show us the great potential of Jihnny, the rockin’ “Leave Me Alone” with these great opening guitar riffs and the melodius “One of Those Feelings” with a poppy/southern edge, are the best moments here. Not a must have album but worthly for a listen.

From the late 90’s he has participated in the underground club scene as a DJ and a sound engineer, mostly known from his special live remixing techniques collaborating with the world famous DJ’s. In year 1999 he built the legendary “Helsinki Underground Studios”, a set of four studios in the heart of Helsinki – Punavuori, a coven for myriads of artists for a decade of creative power. It was discontinued in the fall 2009. 




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Johnny Lee Michaels And The Androids - Daydreamer [1986], 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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