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Tango Down

1. Hello Scott and welcome to melodic-hardrock. First of all introduce yourselves to our readers and say a few things about the way Tango Down became from an idea to the band we know?

Hey there Bro!! Thanks for having me with you guys. Well, I was in another Kivel Records band, Adriangale. I did the Crunch cd and Live Program. After Crunch AG went kinda on a temp inactive period. Vic went on to work with some other notable people and Jamie was focusing on his London Calling band. While on the hiatus, the label presented me with an idea of starting my own band. I jumped at it. Chris Konys is a lifelong friend and I played with him in a band called NO MORE JOHNNY back in the early 90’s. Keith Michaels is a friend from back in the day as well. We always had a mutual respect, but never had the chance to work together. So that was the core that we built off of. Jump forward a few years. We were in need of a new singer. The label came to us and said they think they had the perfect guy in mind. We reached out to David and not to long he was on a plane to NY and we were in a studio recording the album then a week later off to South Dakota to play Dakota Rock Fest with bands like Bret Michaels, Vince Neil , Lita Ford and the list goes on.

2. How would you describe the music of Tango Down, to those that don’t know you yet, and how does it different from the two previous albums?

Arena Anthem guitar driven rock! Big hooks, HUGE Chorus with in your face lead vocals. As for the differences between Damage Control and Identity Crisis, More of the same If Damage Control was the Big Dance, then Identity Crisis is Graduation Day! We took this album to a bigger badder level. Everyone loved songs like I’m Done Lovin You and Step By Step off the last album. So we focused more on that side of our sound. Plus having a singer like David in the band really allowed us to take the material into new directions, and new heights. There is some heavy duty ARENA Anthems on this album that will have fans of the genre very pleased. It’s Humoungously Huge!! 

3. Where did the band’s name come from?

It’s a military term used in action on the battle field. It means the threat has been eliminated. When we came up with the name in early 2005. There was no one with this name. In fact some people thought it was some sort of Van Halen tribute name. LOL. Now, with the popularity of games like Modern warfare, Call of Duty and games like that out there. There are all these young kids calling their high school band Tango Down. We even came across a hip hop act not only called Tango Down…but they were using our logo!!!! What the hell!? LOL. 

4. Until now the band has changed some members from the original line up, how did this affected the band on each record? Was it easy to co-exist with the new members and what was the result?

In the end the core of this band has always been intact and it’s about the songs. So the changing of personal never affected us too much, as it was always about the songs. Everyone always added their flavor to the soup, but In the end, and as in life there is always change I guess. Some people click, some don’t. Some move on for personal reasons etc. I wish all of them well. Hell I still talk to Phil and Keith S. all the time. We may even do a show with Keith’s band Riot Kings. Killer band btw!

5. New album with a new vocalist: “David Reece”, a well known vocalist in the music scene. How did that decision came up to and what has changed to the band’s music style since their previous works?

We are blessed with a singer as talented as Reece. The label suggested him. He was contacted, the next minute I know he is on a plane to NY !! HAH! He clicked with the material and took it to a whole new level. Also helped write a few of the tunes on the new cd. Including Blame. I think you will be very pleased, and surprised with the new album. We are venturing into territories we couldn’t go before.

6. Is there one thing you would realistically like to achieve with the release of the new album?

Just to satisfy as many people as possible. Connect with someone out there the way Thin Lizzy connected with me when I was a kid.

7. Are there any favorite songs on the new album and why?

That’s hard, I like all the songs on the album! But I guess if I had to pick 3, it would be Hearts Catch Fire, Corners of My Mind and Calling Out.

8. Is there any current music that influences the song-writing, or is it all drown from a lifetime of experience?

Some life, some influences, some collaborations between myself and Jace Pawlak or Myself and David. Back To Life and Blame are two perfect examples of GREAT collaboration work.


9. I am aware of the fact that, for bands it’s hard to make it to the top. Can you tell me something about the people around you. Who “lent you a hand” to make this band come true?

Everyone in the band, My wife and John Kivel. Every one of them all important in this bands evolution and existence. I thank them all every day.

10. The album has many delays and finally we have a new release date October 1st, what was the reason for that?

Hey delays happen. Nothing in life is etched in stone, right? We made every effort to make the original date , in order to have the cd when we did some dates with Y&T. But schedule conflicts, a few snafus, etc. It got a lil pushed back. In the end , it was a blessing in disguise as it gave Ty Sims the time to really get elbow deep in the album. I think we have a better end result because of it actually. For the record, we are only 5 months behind release date. Wouldn’t go calling us DEF LEPPARD or GUNS N ROSES now. Ha.

11. Can you tell us a few things about the meaning of the title of the new album and the album’s artwork?

You would have to talk to John Kivel at the label on that one. He came up with it. What’s not to like though, right? A very attractive model in a lil outfit. Sounds good to me!!! Truth is, there is an inside joke behind the album title behind myself and the label. Bt if I told you, then it would no longer be an inside joke now would it?

12. In your opinion – what makes a great rock ‘n’ roll record?

That’s a tough one. Big amped up sound. With Phat guitars. Memorable hooks. Anthem songs. Hmm…guess it wasn’t that tough to answer after all. Ha!!

13. How’s the popularity of Tango Down outside US ?

Seems positive!! I mean, you contacted us… right?! Ha!

14. What do you think of the music industry today and what are the potentials?

Well, with the exception of a few bands. The music scene is a far cry from what it was back in the 80s to early 90s. Cookie cutter disposable pop. I know that was always an element even back in the old days with the Partridge family. I just see it worse now. I mean look, you have people like Britney Spears and Niki Minaj as judges on singing contest?! R u kidding me!? HA.

15. Tell me about the plans of the band for the near future?

We shot a video for Blame, that should be out in a month or so. We are hoping to do some shows. As many as possible if all our schedules permit. Then recharge and hopefully start work on the next album.

16. Thank you very much for your precious time, I wish you the very best for the future. Please close this interview of yours in anyway you prefer

Thank you!!! I appreciate the questions and you sitting down with me. It’s been fun. Look forward to what you think of the new cd! Please let your readers know to visit us on face book and at

George Craven

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