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Pleasure Maker

Alex Meister has been a guitarist for 30 years and has been teaching for just over 20 years. As a founding member of Pleasure Maker talk to melodic-hardrock zine about his band…

  1. Hi, Alex, first wanted to take the time and thank you for doing this interview with me today. For our readers who haven´t heard of Pleasure Maker yet, can you tell us about yourself and anything about the band you´d want us to know ?

Hi George ! Thanks a lot inviting me for this interview. I started as a guitarist a little before 30 years ago, and went through various bands in Brazil, when in 2001 I created Pleasure Maker in trying to rescue the sonority and atmosphere of Hard Rock/Glam Metal of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, style I love and grew up listening to and which was completely down in  & outside my country back then. The debut CD finally came out in 2004 on my own, but received excellent reviews in that time´s specialized international press. That CD won an honorable mention as one of the 40 “Best Songs of Year 2005” attributed by the site, the most important at that moment, with the song “Just Thinkin´ About U”. Thus, the doors started to open for us…


  1. Brazil has developed a really positive reputation in recent years for its emerging melodic rock and hard rock acts. What´s  it like being part of the burgeoning melodic rock scene in Brazil ?

It´s very satisfying  to hear that Brazil has earned a good reputation in this field !  In fact, several good bands of this style have appeared in the last 10 years and it´s good to see they are becoming notorious abroad. The role I´ve played  in this scene with Pleasure Maker was one of pioneering together with very little companions sharing the same idea. When we released the first CD “Love On The Rocks”, we were swimming against the tide, without obtaining good recognizement from the Market and any domestic criticism in the first moment. However, when we directed our work to the external Market, and obtained an excellent feedback, after that the domestic Market finally started to support us… After so many years on the scene, it´s dawn good to see such a growth of the style !…


  1. It´s been ten years since Pleasure Maker´s last album.  Has “Dancin´With Danger” turned out as you hope and as you originally envisioned ?

Yes ! I became extremely satisfied with the result of this CD, as none before !  Everything I imagined since conception and composition till the final production resulted exactly as I wanted. In this job, I had the help of Henrique Canale mixing & mastering, with even more satisfying results !  In this album, the band presents melodies with sing-along chorus mixed with a lot of great hooks and powerfull guitar riffs and solos to be played at the maximum volume.


  1. Can you talk to us about some of the songs on the album ?

For sure !  Most of all, conceiving all of the compositions was directed to the Hard Rock practiced in 1988/89, with more focus on guitars and less on keyboards. I´ll point out some songs like the CD´s title song, an up-tempo, with heavier guitar riffs and shredder solos, in a line which is more George Lynch & Dokken combined with Black N Blue vocal harmonies at “Without Love” times. Another one I point out is  “It Ain´t Bout Love” , my favourite, with the album´s strongest refrain in a Danger Danger and Aviator line. “ On The Other Side Of Midnight “ is a composition reminder of the previous album Twisted Desire : a mid-tempo with big hooks.


  1. You guys always seem to have a very clear idea of where each album is headed. Is it more of the same ?

All Pleasure Maker albums do have a composition line already established before it begins to be done. That depends much on what I´m listening to at each time, although the melodies´s signature is very clearly the style of our band. At Twisted Desire times I was riding a wave very AOR, besides the scandy Hard Rock bands from the eighties – reason why that album had so many keyboards ahead. Nowadays, in the Dancin´ With Danger period, I was listening more to Hard Rock/Glam Metal and Heavy Metal, which brought the guitar more to scene.


  1. With the music industry always changing and evolving, what are the things you like and don´t like about it ?  What aspects of the industry do you feel have hurt or helped Pleasure Maker ? If you could change anything about it, what would it be?

This new digital Market, where each one does its own only through the Internet, seems to help a lot, but really does not. In the present days, the audience doesn’t get to know new bands because the videoclips and songs from new artists doesn’t have promotion strength enough to reach them. In the past, we had FM radios and MTV/Vh1 doing this job, but nowadays there’s just YouTube and our own  sites promoting our stuff. Although it´s utterly easy to obtain information, people almost never touch the “play” in order to hear new artists and his songs. I think that the best way investing to promote new names in Music has still not been found, but that shall improve! In the meantime, I´ll go on struggling to bring out and publishing my music as I always did.


  1. If you had a chance to go on any bands tour, which tour would you pick and why ?

Bands like Crazy Lixx, Reckless Love or Midnite City,  because they´re bands with exactly the same style as ours, and thus we´d be playing for our target audience, besides joining forces with them.  To make a tour with a bigger band such as Def Leppard´s magnitude may not be as good because most of their audience is not so interested in appreciate unknown new bands as opening acts for these kind of gigs.


  1. Do you have any advice for any upcoming bands ? What´s the best piece of advice someone gave you when you realized you wanted to be a Musician ?

There’s two topics are what I would like say as an advice to any starting musician :  1 – study very hardly the instrument you intend to build a career on. 2 – always create music respecting what you feel, and really represent you as a musician and listener.


  1. What does the future hold for Pleasure Maker and where would you like to see the band going in the coming years ?

Presently, I´m working on some re-recordings, such as the 1st single “Just Thinkin´About U”, in order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our debut CD “Love On the Rocks”, and bringing some important changes in the band’s lineup and more!  This news will be announced soon! I hope always to reach more and more audience releasing every each new album.

  1. Any last words ?

Our new site  will be on-line very soon including the new official online store and more. In the meantime, please keep watching our clips on YouTube and our CDs on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer.   Also, stay tuned that in this year 2019, besides news about Pleasure Maker, I shall announce in a few months a new Project together with members of other relevant Hard Rock bands of Brazil !  Good things are going to appear around !!! Once more, many thanks for your space and to all its readers for the attention !!


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