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Issa Oversveen

1. Hello Issa and welcome to melodic-hardrock webzine. Let’s start with your new album “Can’t Stop”, which will hit the shelves in the first days of November. What will our readers and your fans expect to hear on your upcoming album? 

Hey there , well you can expect the same as usual really , big songs with huge chorus’ , high vocals and loads of attitude.

2. How the idea comes up about covering 80’s and 90’s hidden AOR gems? Did you fancy with the making of this album?

The concept was the brainchild of Serafino at Frontiers Records , he approached me with his ideas and I loved the songs he sent me , cult and obscure classic AOR songs,great songwriting.It was a little different to my first 2 albums because they were original songs.

3. New album with new line-up. Could please tell us something more about this co-operation? 

Yeah , I have a different producer on this record, Allesandro Del Vecchio , he brought his team of musicians on board and they are fantastic , I met them all in person when we played in my video together in Milan,we had a great time.

4. Do you think melodic rock will be brought back and be massive again like in the 80’s/early 90’s or just remain quite of a market niche? Do you think there is more exposure for melodic rock now than in the late 90’s?

I’m not sure melodic rock will ever be massive again or at least not in the next 10 years , when it does come back it will be more updated with current sounds and image. However I do think that melodic rock is more popular than it has been for a while right now with the internet breaking through with youtube etc and with Frontiers having chart success.

5. How did you find yourself involved in the Melodic Rock genre? Was it a style of music that you we’re always interested in? 

Yes I have always followed the scene as I have had friends in bands doing melodic rock like Circus Maximus ( the Magnificent ) Saint Deamon and Vega.I grew up on Heart and Roxette aswell as Robin Beck and Bon Jovi etc , so when I started singing I sang along with them..thats why I sing high and with attitude 😉

6. Who have been the main musical influences on your career? 

Well I would say as a child it would have been Celine Dion.Then I got into melodic rock so all the bands i’ve mentioned above.

7. If you had to describe some high and low in your music career up till now, what would they be?

The high point that comes to my head would be doing my first album and signing a deal with Frontiers. As for low points , their isn’t anything really but maybe my tour agent becoming ill and my proposed gigs were cancelled in 2010.

8. Let’s take you back on your debut album which became one of the best releases at that year and achieved recognition from the press and the audience. What is the reason for this on your opinion?

I would say that the whole girl doing metal thing really struck a chord with some people. The first album was more metal produced.

9. On your second album, I can see you contributed to the song writing. Did you go for it so to give a more personal touch to the record? Will you take up some more song writing in your future works too?

Yes I co-wrote 4 songs with Tom and James Martin from Vega , The songs were based around personal journeys and feelings and I will definetely be contributing more on my next album.

10. After the boom of your two previous albums, do you feel a lot more pressure on your music career in a competitive market?

Not at all, People know their always gonna get what it says on the tin with my records , big chorus’ and soaring vocals with great songwriting.

11. Are you happy with the musical development the Issa albums have made? Anything you would like to change or do differently?

Yes i’m very happy and nothing I would do differently.

12. How do you view the current music scene? Have you seen an upswing in interest over the past couple of years in melodic/hard rock? 

Yes I have , with help from the internet and Frontiers leading the way with chart success , i’ve had around 200.000 views on my i’m alive video which is amazing for an unknown artist on her debut album.

13. What do you like doing with your spare time outside of music?

I love spending time with my family , going out for meals , going to rock concerts , hanging out with friends..all the usual kinda stuff.

14. What is next for Issa?  Any future plans for touring? 

Yes we have plans in place for touring in 2013 , I can’t talk about it right now but all will be revealed.

15. Anything else that you would like to plug Issa and/or anything you would like to add? 

Yes , thanks for this interview and thank you for all the support to everyone out there , I really appreciate how kind and supportive everyone has been , keep checking my issa facebook for updates.x

– Sign Of Angels [2010]
– The Storm [2011]
– Can’t Stop [2012]


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