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Chris Laney

It’s almost impossible to conduct an interview with Chris Laney and thoroughly cover all aspect of his music career. Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, most would recognize Laney for the latter having worked miracles in the studio for a vast array of bands covering just about every genre of rock and metal. On this interview we will be focusing on Chris Laney’s performing career including upcoming bands and albums and hopefully revisit some of his most interesting projects of the past.

Hard Rock Parities back

N. Skoumas: We know that over the past year you have been working on your new band Laney’s Legion; what can you tell us about the line up, musical orientation and when should we expect your debut album?

C. Laney: The line up is: Patrik Jansson-drums, Mats Vassfjord-bass and Rob Marcello-Lead guitar. The album is a natural following to my late solo albums. It has some songs that is a little more moderne and some more 80’s than before. You gonna love it!

N. Skoumas: Through AOR Heaven you released two remarkable melodic rock/sleaze metal solo albums (Pure and Only Come out at Night). How do you reflect on these releases and why did you choose to form Laney’s Legion rather than continuing as a solo artist?

C. Laney: I like em both, Pure is more an “album” than OCOAN, that album has a few tracks I feel that i stressed out. Still, I see an album as a snapshot of where you are at that certain time in life and OCOAN was written, recorded and mixed within 6 weeks. When we did the tour with WASP I already had a “band” in mind. I think it was a natural step. We all are equals in the live situation so why not just be that in the studio too. I feel that the other guys deserve some cred too, not only be the “backing guys”.

N. Skoumas: During the previous decade you were a member of Randy Piper’s Animal as the lead guitarist and main songwriter releasing two mind-blowing sleaze metal albums in Violent New Breed and Virus. What are your thoughts on these albums and why did it Animal split-up?

C. Laney: I totally love those albums, Virus is great! The thing is, we had so much bad luck while releasing Virus, the record company closed their US office the same day as it was released and let go of most of the staff that stood behind the release. That took some toll on the band. Piper had a bad attitude towards the whole thing which finally made me leave the band. I think his mind still was in the 80’s, he couldn’t realize how the business was looking in this century. There was no million dollar paychecks and so on… he had a hard time taking that.

N. Skoumas: Another great release was vocalist Steevi Jaimz’ 2009 solo album My Private Hell where you played the guitars, produced and co-wrote the music to its entirety. How did that collaboration come about and is there any chance of you working again with Steevi Jaimz?

C. Laney: I have to say that this album was not only produced by me, it was me & Anders Ringman who did it all together. I’m an old Tigertailz fan so I looked him up and told him that I wanted to make some music with him. I love the songs on that album… we really had a fun time making it. Steevi remains a great friend and who knows, someday we might do more stuff together, he deserves more spotlight!

N. Skoumas: You have released albums through various record labels yet your solo albums were issued by AOR Heaven records. What is your relationship like with the label and will the upcoming Laney’s Legion debut be released on AOR Heaven?

C. Laney: I like Georg at AOR Heaven, he is a great guy and did a good job on my solo albums. When I started writing for the Laney’s Legion album I sent him some demos and he passed on it, he thought it was too modern and tough, that said, it will not be out on that label.

N. Skoumas: You also produced guitar hero Brian Robertson’s comeback album Diamonds and Dirt; beyond the production did you actually play any of the guitars on the album? And what are your thoughts on that release?

C. Laney: Yes, that was a cool thing to be asked to do!! I love that album, it really shows what a great musician Robbo is. I do not play on the album, but I did a live show in Dublin with him as rhythm guitarist, it was a blast!!!

N. Skoumas: Lately you and Rob Marcello have also formed a band with singer Zinny Zan (Zan Clan, Shotgun Messiah) under the name of Shotgun. Is that a touring band or should we expect a new album by Shotgun in the near future?

C. Laney: The whole idea is to go out and play to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shotgun Messiah. Since only Stixx and Zinny for Shotgun Messiah is in the band we decided to stick with 50% of the name, Shotgun. We will record for a live release and also talked of doing something in the studio 😉

N. Skoumas: Will you be doing any touring in 2013 and if so with which of your bands?

C. Laney: I will go out with Shotgun, doing some Swedish and UK dates. Everything has it’s time and place and I do not see any point in touring with Laney’s Legion until the album is out. Can’t wait.

N. Skoumas: We would like to thank you for this interview. Is there anything that we left out that you would want the fans to know?

C. Laney: Thank you for having me! Please join me on Facebook for updates on all my projects and beware of a new release in August named “Dreams In The Witch House”, a rock opera I have been working on since 2005, it will rock your socks off!! Some guest appearances by Doug Blair (WASP) and Bruce Kulick (KISS) will be on there…


– Pure [2009]
– Only Come Out At Night [2010]


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