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1. Hello Marco and welcome to melodic-hardrock. BigDix is a new name on the scene – can you introduce the band to us and tell us a little of the history behind the band?

Hi everyone and thank you for giving us this possibility! The band was formed in July 2010, when the four actual members decided to give up their cover band projects to start creating their own music, the kind of music that comes from the heart. So were BigDix born. After looking for a singer, they recorded their first album “Kiss My Ace” with vocalist Pietro Peroni, who left the band soon after due to musical differences. After some lineup changes with other singer, we decided to go on with the same lineup we had begun with. So we started working to new songs and released “Johanna and the Devil”, our second work, in June 2012.

2. For those uninitiated, how would you describe the band’s sound and what song should people check out to best get what BigDix are all about?

BigDix’s sound is rough, massive and direct. I should say we’re not as much technical as we’re powerful. Our most representative songs are: as regards the first ablum, “The man in woman dress”, while in the second, well, pretty all the songs but in particular I’d choose “You make me crazy”, “Change the way” and “The Black man”.

3. How long have you been together as a band?

Since July 2010, so more than two years.

4. Where did the band’s name come from?

It comes from an Italian saying and has nothing to do with…you know which sizes! (laughs)

5. What are your personal influences as far as music goes?

Led Zeppelin above all, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Gotthard, all the great bluesmen (Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, BB King…), Pink Floyd and much more (AOR, glam etc.)

6. Any great or favorite memories of the months surrounding the release of the debut album? 

Well, we have lots of memories and funny situations, such as the band members  drinking beer and falling asleep on the studios sofas during night recording sessions.

7. Until now the band had changed some members from the original lineup, how did this affected the band? Was it easy to join together with the new members and what was the result of this? 

It’s true, we made several changes, but they actually turned out to be useless as BigDix were born as four and four must remain.

8. Two albums for the band so far. Which were the difficulties and who were the people that helped you with them? 

The difficulties were quite a lot, maybe too many to be mentioned. Among the people who helped us are surely Mario Percudani (HungryHeart, Mitch Malloy, AXE, ecc…) and Steve Lozzi (HungryHeart) of TANZAN MUSIC STUDIO SRL. A special thank is also due to Claudio Grazzani for the piano and organ parts in our albums.

9. Let’s talk about the writing process. Who is the primary songwriter and how much is a collaborative effort? 

As far as music is concerned, the main ideas came from Fabio (lead guitar) but then each of us wrote their own parts. Lyrics are mainly composed by me and Mattia (bass guitar). Matteo took care of the vocal lines, while we arranged the songs together.

10. Your follow up album “Joanna & the Devil” was a pleasant surprise for the audience and gained good impressions from the press, what were the differences in comparison with your debut album and what elements in your opinion helped the band to this acceptance from the people?

The main difference is that we have acquired more experience in songwriting and, of course, the change of the vocalist. In our concerts, the only thing that helps us is our energy.

11. What about live performances? Is there any tour plan for the near future? 

Concerts are many, but l should say they’re never too many! As for a tour, we would really like to try the experience…do you want to help? (laughs)

12. How do you see the melodic rock scene nowadays? Do you believe that this scene has a lot more to offer? 

Rock in Italy is, unfortunately, almost “dead”. The last famous artists were the 70s prog icons (PFM, Le Orme and so on..), then there are lots of rock bands with awesome songs and amazing energy which arent’ valued or known by the public. We think the rock scene in Europe has much more to say!

13. What are BigDix’s future plans?

Live, live! Hoping in a tour abroad.

14. Thanks for taking time out to answer the interview questions. Best of luck for the future! Anything last you would like to say for the fans out there?

Come to our concerts, you’ won’t regret it! And, of course, buy our cds, you’ll be satisfied!

– Kiss My Ace [2011]
– Joanna & the Devil [2012]

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