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Beverly Killz

1. Hello Fabio and welcome to melodic-hardrock! Beverly Killz’s debut album is in stores now. Congratulations on a fine sounding album! Are you happy with the result?

FABIO: Hi man, thanks a lot for your interest in Beverly Killz and for your congratulations!I have to say I’m very proud of this CD, we worked a lot to have a good result, and thanks to the great production of Dennis Ward we can say we’re really satisfied!

2. When was the band formed and how did you guys get to know each other?

ANDREA: Mak, John and Giada (a female singer) from Jasmine Gun were looking for a drummer and bassit to start a new band. My friend Rob and I replied to the advertisement. We soon decided to keep playing together, and when Giada quit we found Vince thanks to another ad on a website. When Rob left the band we had to look for a new drummer.

FABIO: It was December 2007, I knew Vince because he was a member of a internet rock forum, so he told me that his band was looking for a drummer and if I wanted to make a rehersal with them.I said “yes, why not”, I went to their rehersal room and after fifteen minutes I realized that they were the band I’ve always looked for!

3. How did the band’s name come from?

ANDREA: We were looking for a name that could immediately suggest our musical influences. And we wanted it to sound a bit aggressive. I was “playing with words”, trying some ideas, when i came up with the name Beverly Killz. We all immediately loved it.

4. How would you describe the music of Beverly Killz to those that don’t know you yet?

FABIO :  A great mix of 80’s hard rock with good melodies and a modern sound

5. What other bands / artists influence Beverly Killz’s sound – both classic acts you grew up with and any artists from today that inspire you?

FABIO: I Grew up listening to classical 70’s rock bands like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep and 80’s rock like Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses, but I’m very open minded about music, in my cd’s collection you can find a lot of different artists, from Pink Floyd to Garbage, from Beatles to Yanni.

ANDREA: The main inspiration for our music is of course 80’s street rock; we all love those bands and know the records by heart. Then each of us has his favourites, and we all listen to different things besides hard rock, from death metal to folk, hip-hop to classical.

6. Which were the barriers that you had to overcome until you released your debut album?

ANDREA: Well it was not an easy task for sure. It takes a lot of time, money, patience and management skills. And we had none of them! Let me just tell you that the first day of recording, our producer had a harsh argument with the owners of the studio.. and in 20 minutes we had lost both the studio and the producer! And we had to start from scratch, two months later..with other people.

7. How do you work on lyrics-what’s the band’s preferred writing method?

ANDREA: lyrics are usually a very personal matter so when we have a new song, and one of us decides to start writing the lyrics for it, he’s going to do it by himself. Then the rest of the band will give advice or suggestion to improve it. Vince is of course our main writer.. I guess he has a kind of notebook where he keeps his thoughts, ready to turn them into lyrics when needed.

8. Any favorite songs on the album?

FABIO : I like very much “Away from danger” for her Aor flavour, “Dark lady” for her groove and “Riding alone” because it’s very funny to play live for a drummer.

ANDREA: mmm all of them? Sin City maybe.. it’s too hard to choose.

9. In our days bands are coming out from nowhere and then they disappear instantly. Tell me your opinion about that ingredient and what is the element that is going to make you differ from other bands?

ANDREA: The point is that we’re not doing it for the money, the fame or the success. We play because we love it. So, as long as we enjoy what we are doing we’re going to be around.

FABIO: We put a lot of passion in what we did.For example, I don’t live in the same city of the other guys, so twice a week I have a 30 minutes trip to go to rehersal and another 30 minutes trip to come back home.But I don’t care, I love playing this kind of music with these guys.

10. What advice would you offer to other new bands that are looking to write good songs and secure a record deal?

FABIO: Do what you want to do and don’t follow the trends! I know it sounds a little bit stupid, but you have to write and play what you feel inside, not what the mainstream want you to play! Good music lasts forever, the trends don’t!

11. Nowadays there is a regeneration of melodic hard rock with many new and successful bands coming up, with a sound that revives the era of 80s.  Why is that, according to your opinion?

ANDREA: Probably because after years of trials and experiments they have realized that kind of music is still the best!

12. How is the hard rock scene in Italy doing today?

FABIO : In Italy you an find good bands and good musicians, but unfortunately the scene is really dominated by cover bands or tribute bands and it’s very hard for a band to promote his original music.I think booking agency should be more courageous and people should be more curious!

13. What are your plans for the future of the band?

FABIO : To promote our album, to play live as much as possible inside and outside Italy and to write songs for the next great album.

14. Anything that you would like to add, you guys?

FABIO : First of all I wanna thank you for this interview, all the people who had the patience to read our answers….and finally I wanna invite all the melodic rock readers to give us a chance! I’m sure they will be satisfied!

– Straight From Underground [2009] EP
– Gasoline & Broken Hearts [2012]

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