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Glam Insane – Glam Insane [2003]

Country Marocco          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 75/100

Band Members
Ayla.M – Drums,Flute, Meryem – Vocals, Fidae – Guitar, Zineb – Guitar, Hanna – Keyboard, Houda – Bass

01. Fancy, 02. Fucking Things on My Mind, 03. Sweet Dreams, 04. V Code


The reference group of women in Morocco … Six fairies (or demons) names that meet Ayla, Houda, Fidae, Zineb, and Hanna Valo. Their music is a perpetual domestic scene between two extremes: the finite in the infinite, a name in the innumerable, eternal and forth between the outside and inside. It has the power to bring out the movement which is inert. It is the sense of chaos comes the meaning. It is informed that the form was born.

Their music is the node where all the son of envy relate. When you want to abolish all these contradictions, Glam Insane dissipates and gives way to an art, a work that is only vestige a trace suspended without any track, a track that disappears arise, a ghost, door open, a ray of sunshine in an empty room, the light coming from outside, but from within us light, and this light is its value … 

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Glam Insane - Glam Insane [2003], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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