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Fyre! – Missy Powerful [2014]

Country Argentina

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Alejandra Burgos – Vocals,guitars, Tolo Grimalt – Guitars, Lars Ratz – Bass, Jaume Amengual – Keyboards,, Sergi Tomás Vidal – Drums

Tracks 01. We Are Here, 02. Get The Hell Out, 03. Stay Until the Moonshine, 04. No Happiness, 05. I Love To Rock, 06. Crazy Little Woman, 07. Lost In The Dark 27, 08. 27, 09. Devil Is Me, 10. Eyes Of The World, 11. Watch Me Close The Door, 12. Stay In Bed, 13. From Row Kids, 14. Stairway To Heaven

Profile The rockin’ latina Alejandra Burgos delivers everything that’s needed…pure authenticity, charismatic aura with an expressive voice combined, surrounded by explosive energy. Her spectacular performances made her well known in the club scene and even without any management she made it to get shows at legendary clubs such as the 100 Club in London and the Cavern Club in Liverpool where the Beatles started out. By the end of 2011 Alejandra had met musicians who shared the same spirit as herself. The new band began to work as a stable song writing team, creating 25 songs within 2 years … By the end of 2013 the charismatic latina recorded 14 of the strongest songs for the debut production.

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