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Dark Sky – Believe It [2000]

PhotobucketCountry Germany          

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 86/100

Band Members Frank Breuninger – Vocals, Ashes – Guitars, Winny Zurek – Bass, Uwe Mayer – Drums, Claudio Nobile – Keyboards

Tracks 01. Rock Me (4:23), 02. Stay Young (3:41), 03. Masih Ada Rindu (3:38), 04. In The Name Of God (4:39), 05. Pray For The World (3:55), 06. On And On (3:34), 07. Magna Quaedam Spectare (0:40), 08. Gimme A Try (3:44), 09. Believe It (6:20), 10. Tell Me Why (3:40), 11. Jane (4:54), 12. Living In Paradise (4:29), 13. Call Me (3:49), 14. Eternity (5:25)

Profile This album pretty much came out of nowhere, and oh what a surprise! It’s keyboard-driven melodic rock with crunchy guitars and powerful choruses. Take the keyboard leads from Europe’s Final Countdown and combine them with strong German hard rock like Fair Warning or Bonfire, and that will give you a taste of what the band sounds like. Interestingly enough, it’s not on one of the usual European AOR/hard rock labels. They’ll be crying in their beer that they didn’t snap this one up… Good Life Records was smart enough not to let this band pass by. The music is tight and well executed; the production top notch.

DARK SKY is a band from Rotweill, Germany and they´ve been around in different line-ups ever since 1982. “Believe It” was first released in Asia (Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore) and the song “Masih ada rindu” (performed in Malaysian language) even entered the charts in Malaysia??!!

The rest of the songs are all in English though even if vocalist “Frank Brueninger” sings with a pretty heavy German accent. Nothing that bothers me that much. The music itself sounds more like fellow German bands ROKO and CRAAFT mixed with some influences from Swedish Hardrock and the production is not bad at all. Highlights are “Rock Me” with some really great work by keyboardist “Claudio Nobile”, imagine ROKO with Mic Michaeli from Europe on keys. “Stay Young” is a good uptempo rocker again with some killer keys by Nobile, a catchy chorus and the vocal harmonies are really good through out the whole album. “In the name of God” proves that this band can stand on their own, “Jane” is a good power ballad and “Call Me” is yet another pretty catchy song a-la CRAAFT.

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Dark Sky - Believe It [2000], 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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