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Damaris Joy – Open Door [1987]

Country Germany          

Style AOR

Rating 88/100

Band Members Helmut Jost – Bass/Vocals, Thomas Adam – Drums/Percussion, Frieder Jost – Guitar/Vocals, Hans-Martin Wahler, Karl-Friedrich Wahler – Keyboards/Vocals, Peter Schulte – Saxophone, Charlie Schade, Thomas Adam – Synthesizer

Tracks 01. Open Door, 02. Hold On, 03. Tell Them, 04. Learners, 05. You’re So Good To Me, 06. Right Or Wrong, 07. Friends, 08. Searching, 09. Money, 10. Just For You

Profile From the mid 80’s was years Damaris Joy to the “inventory” of the Christian Artists Seminar in the Dutch De Bron. So to speak, the “flagship band”, also at international level had a unique position. The band performed at several international festivals with an international line-up, with Charlotte Höglund, Paul Field, Adrian Snell, Jukka Leppilampi, albino Montisci, Rodney Cordner and others were given to “the jack in the hand.” Norway, Finland, France, Holland and Switzerland were almost normal entries in the diaries. Accordingly, the band decided, the next album entirely possible to publish in English.

The result was “Open Door” – the time of the first “Christian CDs” (correctly, but I must state that the disc was first released on LP and MC, and only later as a CD). When it was time, it was kind of a strange feeling, not a “real record” to think more in the hands … We received the first CD copies on its way to a concert, ie (it could have been Herne), we had somewhere to go … The proof of a railway station and in the freight department to pick up a package that will be the first Thomas Adam “panting” and tore the object of desire was triumphant in the truck around. He knew what he was doing, because at that time already had a CD player … But the rest of us did not know how we should put these weird things in our “record case” because that was specially built for LPs and CDs are not there because somehow fit in …

The album was internationally – as hoped – enthusiastically received, at some point there was even a sub-installation in the “highlands of the music scene” in Britain. The band was awarded in England for her many years of service (nominated, it’s called), but this is a little anecdote was on the edge. The greatest success was undoubtedly the CD in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They sold a total of 8,000 times.

After various attempts in previous years, the band with “Open Door” was the first time equipped with sufficient financial resources to fully record the album in a “real studio” and a “real engineer”. Too bad Charlie as a sound engineer and the Hermes Studios and Kamen have left their mark on the album. The “sound” (although this certainly is the musical component enclosed) has been highly praised and is still worth listening to.

At that time this album was qualitatively a lonely furrow. After leaving the stage of “Deliverance”, which was a great role model for the band, had no more German band released an album that did justice to international standards (the most listened to bands previously before they can publish such a book, see Shemaiah …). With “Open Door” was Damaris Joy of Deliverance in the musical successor – was the popularity and public approval in the “DJ” for several years well before Deliverance.

“Open Door” contains some tracks that have been written for the CD. The band has ever tried it again, to play these songs live also, but really, this has never worked … (It is the fancier of the songs). Except for the song “You’re So Good To Me”, which was available only in German, all the tracks for the album were written. Frieder Jost joined the “Open Door” by the way the first time since “Revive Us” as a composer of 3 songs appear (!) – Also the title song was written by him!

It is discussed at that time was the way that the “Open Door” album should be following all published in German (as a “conciliatory gesture”). But by the overwhelming acceptance of the “Open Door” was found that the then with the English but not soooo been an issue.


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