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Country Sweden

Style CCM Hard Rock

XT formed in the end of 1991 Björn Stigsson who had been the guitar player and frontman in Leviticus.. for about ten years teamed up with ..Sonny Larsson lead singer of Motherlode Björn and Sonny have been friends since 1987, when Sonny did some of the vocals on Björn’s solo album. They now began to plan for another solo record from Björn but after a while they changed their plans and  XT  was formed. The name XT? It was Björn’s wife’s idea and it means “Christ”.

Soon after that they got signed by Viva Records in Sweden and they also signed a distribution deal with Frontline Records in America. In October 1992 they realeased their first record with the same title as the band. XT didn’t have any permanent lineup at this time so on the first record they had three guest musicians. Michael Ulfsgärd.. from Jerusalem played the drums and on bass they had Håkan Anderson from the first Leviticus lineup and P-O Larsson.

The music style on the first cd was rock and hard rock with much keyboards. Björn said in HM issue53 “Our first album was a little thin in terms of production, but it still opened up a lot for us, especially in Japan.” XT also made a few live performance this year. For example they played on two festivals in Holland which the Dutch TV filmed. XT now decided to concentrate on doing good records instead of being an intensive touring band. And in the summer 1993 the band went into Björn’s own studio and started to record their next album. And in October 1993 they released their second cd Taxfree. This time they came up with a much heavier album with better production and less keyboards and more guitars. With Taxfree they reached a big selling success with over 10 000 albums sold only in Japan. In Sweden the biggest Newspaper Aftonbladet voted the song The Silent Cry as the most powerful song in 1993.

On Taxfree XT sounded more as a band but they still haven’t any solid lineup. On this album  Mick Nordström of Modest Attraction hit the Drums on keyboard they had Niklas Edberger and P-O Larsson played the bass on all off the tracks this time. After the succsess with Taxfree XT went in to the BTS studio again and started to record their third album.

In march 1995 they finally released Extended Empire which took the band in to a new heavier direction. Björn’s guitar playing now sounded heavier than ever and Sonny used more variation in his song style. XT got many great reviews for Extended Empire in different music magazines all over the world. For the first time XT now had more or less permanent members with Björn on guitar, Sonny on vocals, Kjell Andersson (original Leviticus member) on drums, Niklas Edberger on keyboards and Johan Stark on Bass. And on the live shows they also had a second guitar player Andreas Lagerin.

With this lineup they now bagan to play more live shows for example they played on Hard Rock cafe in Stockholm. They also played on a christian festival in Stockholm in the summer 1995 together with Bride and Veni Domine. They became better known in Japan than either Europe or the United States. Prior to forming XT, Sonny Larson had been involved in a few other Swedish metal bands as lead vocalist. While in Motherlode (1983–1987) he worked with Mark Stanway, who was later in the British melodic rock band Magnum. Motherlode released one album,Sanctuary, in 1986. Following Motherlode, he joined Charizma and stayed with them until 1988.

 In 2017 XT reunited to release their fourth studio full-length album titled ‘Saved By The Blood’. With this release we find the band has changed labels and is now with ‘Talking Music’. We also find a band that is comprised of an all-star lineup with Vocalist-Sonny Larsson formerly having been with(Motherlode/Charizma), Guitarist-Björn Stigsson formerly with the band-(Leviticus), Bassist-Peter Carlsohn having formerly played in the band-(Jerusalem), Keyboardist-Dan Tibell also formerly with-(Jerusalem), and Drummer-Mick Nordström who was formerly with the band-(Modest Attraction). “Saved By The Blood” is a partial concept album as tracks 6, 7, and 8 follow a story line as seen in the bible with Track 6 covering “The Last Supper”, Track 7 covering “The Crucifixion” , and track 8 covering “The Resurrection”.

– XT [1992]
– Taxfree [1993]
– Extended Empire [1995]
– Saved By The Blood [2017]

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