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Once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky, you meet someone of similar style and taste, with whom you become fast friends. You develop a kind of friendship lasting from there on. Extraordinary good fortune would have it that you meet several somebody’s of this sort, and that you each find you’re inseparable. Better still, you each love to make the kind of Rock & Roll music that feels good and generates a great deal of attention.

In the summer of 1985, just such an occurrence took place in Eugene, Oregon, population 100,000. Singer Shane Thornton, guitarist Robb Dee Crabaugh, guitarist Tony Antone, Bassist Danny Jack and stepbrother, drummer Kevin Stacey had found their ways to one another via the popular record store, Record Garden. Thornton, Crabaugh and Antone had attended high school (most of the time) together in nearby Elmira, while Jack and Stacey attended Churchill High. In no time at all, the young men formed a tight bond of music and friendship – a Brotherhood, if you will – which would blossom into something special for a long time to come.

By 1988, X-Piracy had arrived as a respected, musical force with infinite potential on the Oregon music scene. Three years of countless rehearsals, carefully chosen gigs, photo session locations and grass-roots group promotions (incorporating everything from gig posters to half-naked girlfriends) had culminated into Eugene’s very first ultra-popular rock band. Whether you were a fan or not, you’d probably heard or seen the name X-Piracy. Maybe it was the Register Guard’s coverage of the gig at Oregon State Penitentiary, or maybe it was one of the neon flyers on hundreds of telephone poles around town.

Perhaps it was the all-night, out-of-hand parties at 11th and Polk St. (The circa 1940 two-story house affectionately known as “Dodge City”, for which the song was created in 1987), which kept attracting police attention. Or maybe it was simply that everywhere you went, people were talking about X-Piracy.



– Dodge City Limits [2010]

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