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Style Melodic Hard Rock

Country Germany
It´s the year 1990, the prime time of hard rock, when Jens Walkenhorst, Mario Erdmann, Markus Koch and Markus Linne decided to found a hard rock band called Wild Frontier. The band´s name is derived from Gary Moore´s album “Wild Frontier”, which was released in 1987. The songs of the band were also in the style of Gary Moore´s music,  hard rock with an emphasis on guitars, and focusing on a more melodic touch. The first live appearances produced amazing success.

In the progress the band is reinforced by another guitar player, Detlef Hönig. In turn, Mario Erdmann had to take a temporary leave due to health reasons. He was substituted by Alfons Steier. Back then, the band was working on new material for their first CD and had their first ever TV appearance. Suddenly things were moving along pretty quickly. After the release of the “One Way To Heaven” album, many live appearances all over Germany and Hungary followed. The biggest show during this tour was at one of Germany´s most famous and largest biker meeting´s in Schleiz, where the band had the opportunity to support a legendary headline act, the fabulous Alvin Lee. Before setting out on to another tour through all over Germany, the band was reformed. Mario Erdmann´s rejoining, put Alfons Steier behind the keyboards.In addition to this change the rhythm section is boosted by Rudi Uhe, a drummer from Hannover, who had just relocated to Kassel. His driving straight-forward drumming along with Mario´s pumping bass, gives the band a much more powerful foundation. The band starts to take on their now exciting formation. So they once again go on tour, and judging by the CD sales during this tour, it turns out to be a great success.

In 1996 the band decides to record a maxi CD called “I give you all my love”. The reaction of the audience was thrilling, and for the first time the band decides to release a version of this album with German lyrics. This version of the album is labeled under the name “Walkenhorst” and kept pretty much style of “PUR”, a rock band from the south of Germany, which was one of the most successful bands in Germany at that time. However, the Walkenhorst album does not turn out as successful as expected and the band decides to focus again on what they know how to do best, Melosic  Rock with English lyrics. This phase of musical reorientation ensures major changes in the line up. Thomas Vitt, a well known and experienced guitar player in the music scene replaces, Detlef Hönig. At the same time, Alfons Steier leaves the band for a private reasons. The band instantly finds together a new unity in the process of composing new material for their second CD, and giving absolute top live performances.

Shortly and after during a tour throughout Germany and Switzerland, the band had the opportunity to open shows for well known acts such as, Sinner, Axxis, Manfred Mann´s Earth Band, Ten, Millenium, Guido Horn and many others, which also gave them to check out the reaction of the audience to the new material that was written for the “Thousand Miles Away” album. The new album was eventually recorded in the Roadsound Studio in Kierspe, Germany. The relaxed atmosphere in the studio, created by Executive Producer Peter Waldhelm and Recording Engeneer, Ingo Vieten, and their personal involvement in recording the material made the band feel as if they had returned home to some long lost friends. In addition to all this positive input, the band was lucky to utilize the lyrical skills of Thoma´s wife Vicki, Born and raised up in California, Vicki and Jens discovered what a great team they make co-writing lyrical material suited to Jens´s great song writing. All this great teamwork resulted in an album called “Thousand Miles Away”. It was rewarded with euphoric reviews in numerous national and international magazines that focus on melodic rock.

In addition to extensive airplay on local and major radio stations, the sales were going well and the band returned to road and toured through Germany and Switzerland once more. The band´s success produced attention of musicans from the field of classical music. The clasical singer Ivo Berkenbush, singer of the Justus Franz Orchestra, enjoyed Wild Frontier´s material so much, that he asked the band to work together and re-arrange and record some of the material from the “Thousand Miles Away” album in a new style that turned out to be a fresh new synthesis of Classic and Rock.

The songs were recorded in Jens Walkenhorst´s new studio, and soon after performed live at several national music festivals. One of the most memorable shows was at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in September, 1999. The event was produced to welcome the federal government back to the old and new state capital in Berlin. Thousands of Germans witnessed their show that was also broadcasted by the German music TV channnel Onyx TV. The band enjoyed having the opportunity to play at such an important site of German history along with other very famous German celebrities. Sadly enough, soon after that show, it turned out that the busy schedules of Ivo Berkenbusch and Wild Frontier simply didn´t match. The collaboration ceased, and the band returned to doing what they know how to do best, which is composing and performimg hand-made melodic rock. In march, 2000, the soccer team of Kassel asked for them. In order to make this special, not only for the band, but for the fans as well, they came up with the idea to record it together with the soccer team and their fans. Studio wizard, Jens, figured out a way to bring the rough mix to the team´s club house. So, during a great and wild party on the spot, the band managed to get over 300 soccer crazy people of their hometown to sing along to  the fabulous tune”Jetzt erst Recht”.

The song turned out to be the No. one song in all local record stores, and within a few weeks later it was sold out entirely. In March, 2001, the band concluded the work on their ownHomepage in the world wide web. In October, 2001, their drummer Rudi Uhe leaves the band, and Jörg Schmeck, a young drummer from Kassel, joins. Throughout spring and summer of 2002, the band recorded their third album in their newly equipped and upgraded studio. Having to put up with some techincal difficulties and several interruptions of the record process because of many live shows, the refinement work on the album dragged on until fall. In January, 2003, the legendary “Stick Your Neck Out” album came to the record stores worldwide and sold very well. At the American NEH Recordstore, they brought it to 22th place on the selling charts.

Thomas Vitt, guitarplayer since 1997, left the band in February, 2004. Therefore the band is working with a keyboarder called, Thomas Ellenberger and a guitarplayer called Thorsten Geis, who left the band after only five shows.. In February, 2005, their drummer Jörg Schmeck, left the band, and Sebastian Gröning, a 21 year-old drummer from Kassel, joined. Lots of shows were played, and they recorded their fourth album called “Bite the Bullet” in 2006.

All the stuff was recorded at their homestudio, only the final mixes were done at Peter Waldhelm´s famous PWS Studio in Kierspe. The album was released  in February, 2007 by the same distributions-partners like their last CD. They arranged also an agency for their album promotion. The band also found new ways to distribute their music via Myspace, cdbaby and many other internet sites. On June 29th, 2007, Sebastian Gröning left the band to find a new home in Kiel, which is too far away from the homebase of the band, so he was replaced by his younger brother, Stefan, who is already 21 yearsold. The boys used also the time to split the band into Wild Frontier who only play their own stuff and also into Wild Night, which is playing all that cover stuff. So watch out for these guys, and don´t miss the chance to see them performing on stage.

 In 2010 the band started with the recordings for their 5th longplayer. Stefan Gröning was replaced by Nico Fahrenbach and also new in the band line up is Sascha Fahrenbach, older brother of Nico, who is playing the second guitarto give the songs more power. In 2011 the band produced two videoclips which were also posted on youtube. The new album with the title “2012” was released on may 4th worldwide.

– One Way To Heaven [1995]
– Thousand Miles Away [1998]
– Stick Your Neck Out [2003]
– Bite The Bullet [2007]
– 2012 [2012]

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