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Country Japan

Style Hard Rock/Metal

WILD FLAG Kyoji after the dissolution VOW WOW is to make a live band in October 1990 now gives a face to live and Event House amateur band around talking to Eiji garden full of drummer. Eiji is the younger brother of the base Shotaro shock debut of Omiya Freaks live on March 4, 1991 and then continue the guerrilla live, CD debuted May 27, 1992, one year later on October 28, 1992 live performance at the power station Shinjuku Live 101st career.

I do a live a hundred times during the year and a half Kyoji Yamamoto guitarist pinnacle in the world of Japanese rock is the smallest unit that partnered with two were amateur anonymous stage and powerful you can not forget once seen is referred to as a monster band music captures new fans with unique hard put out three albums, Hiatus in two of the guitar and vocal is applied to these three people then, and nascent BOW WOW BOW WOW dissolution nascent live activity has continued even after adjustment for me to live if you meet the current schedule of three people are busy in each activity , “The Sun Heads” After serving as support for the “B’Z” Shotaro is formed a band called playing in a band called “Flower” today. Eiji has officially joined the “Sads” After serving as support for the black dream.

– Wild Flag [1992]
– Three Faces [1992]
– Wild Land [1993]




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