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Style Hard Rock

Country USA
Hailed as the natural successors to ANGEL upon the release of the eponymously titled debut album in 1984, Los Angeles Hard Rock outfit WHITE SISTER even utilised the services of ex-ANGEL keyboard player Gregg Giuffria in the role of producer.

The White Sister (name inspired by a homonymous song by Toto ) were founded in 1980  originally under the name of Sister, vocalist / keyboardist Garry Brandon, guitarist Rick Chadock, singer / bassist Dennis Churchill-Dries and drummer Gus Moratinos, who was drafted shortly after the first incarnation of the group. In 1981 this was replaced by new drummer Richard Wright, a character who had already had some experience in the studio (as a member of a couple of parties unknown from Top 40) . The formation later moved from Burbank to Hollywood, which became their headquarters during the period of activity . One night the band came upon the former member of the Angel Gregg Giuffria at a service station , and asked him if he would cooperate with them. He unexpectedly accepted the proposal and offered to give them a hand in contributing to the composition of the material and produce their first demo, as well as their future debut album .

Keyboardist helped the group to choose the songs, and to reorganize in order to make them more accessible to a “mainstream”. The White Sister then succeeded in obtaining a contract with EMI America through a deal with Enigma Records. In 1984 it was released their first album, the eponymous White Sister. Giuffria, in addition to having produced the work, rang as a keyboard in a couple of tracks, as well as contributed to the composition of some of these .

Indeed, Giuffria gave the group two tracks, one of which had been composed by Angel but never realized, or “Whips,” written by guitarist Punky Meadows of Angel . Composed more precisely by Meadows, Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen, and Ricky Phillips , “Whips” was created in response to the song “Punky’s Whips” by Frank Zappa, a song dating back to late seventies when he was insulted Punky Meadows, and accused of being homosexual. “Whips” was written by Angel in 1981 when, shortly before their breakup, had revolutionized the training compounds precisely by Giuffria (keyboards), Punky Meadows (guitar), Ricky Phillips (bass), Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen (vocals) and Barry Brandt (drums) . The other track was donated by Giuffria “One More Night,” which, despite not appearing in the credits, it seems it was written by former vocalist David Glen Eisley Sabu (who would soon become the frontman of Giuffria).

After completion of the disk, and a series of overly positive reviews, the White Sister got a part in the soundtrack of the movie Killer Party 1986 (the title for the film was originally thought to be April’re No Fool) with the song ” April ” (hereinafter inserted into the second album Fashion by Passion) before Garri Brandon abandon the formation . The keyboardist had shared the role of lead singer Dennis Churchill-Dries on the first album, but the feeling was that it was equipped with a voice more powerful of the two, and would then become the only singer for the next disc . Brandon, though more interested in that song on keyboards , initially proposed to move to the second singer, but the rest refused the proposal of the formation, causing its demise . Brandon, intending then to undertake the business of Singer, first start a collaboration with John Parr, with whom he played Tina Turner in support of her album Private Dancer tour, then with Marilyn Martin. In 1985, Brandon was involved in a meeting for a period of Angel short life as a keyboard, but this project fell through in 1986. He was contacted by Angel after Gregg Giuffria had declined the offer to return part of the training. In the first 1989 Brandon formed a funk rock band called Radioux City with which he played a few dates but never recorded any material.

Unfortunately, Sister White was rejected by EMI. Nevertheless, the group continued to record new demos, and much of this material appear on the new album by the quartet. Fashion By Passion was born in 1986. Most of the keyboards on the album were played by Joel Goldsmith. The record contained, in addition to the reinterpretation of the Beatles “Ticket to Ride”, two other songs of unfulfilled Angel evidently granted by Giuffria, which were composed by the trio Fredericksen / Meadows / Phillips, or “Troubleshooter” and “Lonely Teardrops”. The album was released in Europe for the British independent label FM Revolver, while keyboardist Dave Vincent of San Francisco joined the training as a permanent replacement to Garry Brandon. Prior to the recruitment of Vincent, the White Sister took advantage of the collaboration of some shift workers such as Byron Scott and former member of the Joshua Gougeon Donny. Of enthusiasm given to this record result, the White Sister attended a series of successful dates in British clubs during 1987 as the first group of British AOR FM support group. Unfortunately, after the tour, the group stopped the activity in the same ’87.

In 1989 their song “Dancin ‘On Midnight” (contained in Fashion by Passion) was included in the soundtrack of the horror film Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers. The formation of White Sister, composed by Churchill-Dries, Chaddock and Wright changed his name to Tattoo Rodeo, with the entry of keyboardist Michael Lord. The group also slightly changed musical directions in favor of an impression than blues, but always staying within the hard rock. However the debut of Tattoo Rodeo, Rode Hard, Put Away Wet published in 1991 for the major Atlantic Records, saw the inclusion of several tracks originally recorded as demos by White Sister, including “Tell Me Why” and “Everybody Wants What She’s Got “. During 2000, he founded the Brandon Fast Machine, while Wright joined former guitarist Brian Forsythe of Kix, and former members of Rhino Bucket Georg Dolivo (vocals) and Reeve Downes (bass) to found the Deep Six Holyday. This training, however, was able to play one date in support of, LA Guns before melting.

Surprisingly, the Italian company Frontiers announced the imminent arrival of a new WHITE SISTER album for release during 1998 although in the event this never transpired. However, Dennis Churchill Dries, Rick Chadock and Richard Wright were reported to be in rehearsals during October of 2002. Garri Brandon also agreed to take part in these sessions. By 2003 the band was utilising new keyboard player Kyle Frost for rehearsals.

Although no new WHITE SISTER material had emerged in the first half of 2004, Brandon was still busying himself in the studio with his FAST MACHINE project, having recruited the FOREIGNER and THE STORM credited Ron Wikso on drums. Former WHITE SISTER drummer Richard Wright passed away on June 14th 2006.

WHITE SISTER made an appearance at the 24th October 2008 ‘Firefest’ event in Nottingham.This set was captured on the ‘Straight From The Heart’ DVD released in October 2009 by Transistor Pictures. Only 750 copies were issued. On October 15, 2012, Rick Chadock lost his battle with cancer. Churchill Dries completed his first solo album (entitled “I”), released May 15, 2015. Brandon is currently performing live with his solo band, supporting the release of his archived album Radioux City (1989-91), which was released in May of 2017 by AOR Blvd Records (U.K.). Original White Sister drummer, Gus Moratinos, joined Gary for a couple live shows in 2015.



– White Sister [1984]
– Fashion By Passion [1987]

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