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Country Argentine

Style Hard Rock
PhotobucketWatchmen formed back in April 2003 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After playing with different local bands, Ivan Sención, decided to put up a band according to his music tastes and preferences.

The band’s members were : Rodrigo Gudiña and Emmanuel López (guitars), Germain Leth (bass) and Eduardo Giardina (drums).

Together with the hosted keyboardist Guillermo De Medio, Watchmen entered the Doble B studios to record a promo demo for press and to have themselves known to the udience ; it was edited in May 2003 and featured the tracks “On The Road” and “Livin’ The Heartache”.

Thanks to the demo, they started gaining some popularity not only in Argentina but also in the rest of the world. In that very same month, the band reached the first position in the list of popular bands in the on-line Chicago radio “Hardrocking 80’s”.

At the end of 2003, Charlie Giardina joined the band to play keyboards while Rodrigo Gudiña decided to leave to take care of his band Adriana Project. With the following line-up (Ivan Sención vocals, Emmanuel López guitar and background vocals, Germain Leth bass and background vocals, Eduardo Giardina drums and background vocals and Charlie Giardina keyboards), Watchmen started composing the songs that would have been part of their debut album and started rehearsing to be ready to perform live.

On the 14th of May 2004, they performed in the “Acatraz” club in Buenos Aires and in October of that year they started recording their debut album. However, Giardina left the band and drummer “Dukke” Del Duca (ex Kefren) joined in ; the band was later invited by Dave Jones (owner of the Cavern Club in Liverpool) to perform in the UK in some festival and, in there, the keyboardist Leonard Palmieri joined in (he was part of the band of Adrian Barilari, singer of the well known band Rata Blanca).

2005 was a very important year for Watchmen : they both finished recording their debut album and flew to the UK to perform in 6 shows in the Cavern Club and even in the well known Ruskin Arms (where Iron Maiden first led out)

Once they came back from Europe, the 15th of June 2005, they shared the stage as a supporting band for Richie Kotzen’s “Get Up Again Tour 2005” in Argentina. On November the 20th 2005 they supported a show held by Jeff Scott Soto for his “Lost In Translation – Latin American Tour”.


During the first days of December 2005, the band filmed their first videoclip with the song “Time Is Over”. In June 2006 their very first album was released under the Blackstar label. In March 2007 Sergio “Dukke” Del Duca left the band and the former drummer Giardina temporarily joined it again.

In May 2007 the drummer Alan Fritzler joined the band to stay and in August they performwd in San Paolo (Brazil) hosted by Ted Poley (Danger Danger) in the “Manifesto Bar” club ; the band gained a lot of good comments and critics from the press (Rock Brigade Magazine, Roadie Crew Magazine, Whiplash Webzine to name some). Thanks to these successful shows, the band came back to Brazil to play live with Gibly Clarke (ex GNR) and in March 2008 they started with the pre-production of their second album. In May, the band had its first performance in Santiago del Chile together with the local artist Nasson and on June the 6th they supported Eric Martin (ex. Mr Big).

On September the 6th they played for the first time in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, and on October the 15th Watchmen took part in the “Pepsi Music 2008” festival during the first Stone Temple Pilots Argentinian tour.

In November, Germain Leth left the band and in 2009, despite not having their former bassist, they started a good number of gigs with a temporarily line-up including : Ivan Sencion, Emmanuel López, Leonardo Palmieri, Alan Fritzler (new bassist) and Eduardo Giardina (temporarily hosted by the band).

In March the band started recording “Nowhere To Hide” while looking for a new bassist to join them. After some months of researches, the new member Sebastián Igino joined in and started rehearsing to get ready for their shows.

On October the 27th their debut album was released in the UK and in the EU (Z Records) gaining great success through the critics (The May Fair Mall Zine, Rockrealms, Phoenix Radio, 7 Waves 92.1 FM, AOR Heaven, Strutter, etc.).

In January 2010 they debuted live with the following line-up : Ivan Sencion, Emmanuel López, Leonardo Palmieri, Alan Fritzler and Sebastián Igino.

In February, Watchmen, were recruited to record the theme song of the 2010 season of the program “Tiempos Violentos” in the prestigious FM Rock & Pop, presented by Gustavo Olmedo and Hugo García. At the moment the band is taking care of the last details of their “Nowhere To Hide” and its promotion in Argentina and in  the rest of the world.


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– Watchmen [2006]
– Nowhere to Hide [2010]

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