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Country Spain

Style Hard Rock


Tales Voodoo formed in October 2005 in Carabanchel (Madrid). Julian Gonzalez and Fernando Pardiñas, guitar and drummer of Heavy Metal Aphânatos respectively, decided after the breakup of the band to form another project oriented Rock of the 70s and 80s. Completes the formation of the group with the addition of Luis Ibáñez (Ex – Seasongs) on vocals, Javier Hidalgo (Ex – Chronical Disease) on second guitar and Mark Knight (Ex – Shoolins) on bass. With this line begins to compose their first songs and take their first concert, showing great consistency in their sound and their live, due to previous experience accumulated its members.

Between March and April 2006 for the first time they get in the studies Geek Records to record their first demo. Titled simply “Voodoo Tales”, presents seven tracks, two of which are in English. It was produced by Anne Paranoid and Voodoo Tales. That summer there is a temporary change in the formation of the band that would become final. In the absence of Javi several months, returning to his native Tenerife, joins the group Javier Piqueras (ex – Egraine) on keyboards. Javier Piqueras band had already shared with Julian and Fernando in Aphânatos.

This training would happen several concerts in summer, and happy with the sound, remembers the final incorporation of Javier Piqueras on keyboards. During the end of 2006, Tales Voodoo prepare the recording of their first LP, “In The Heart Of The City”, to be held between February and March 2007, repeated in studies Geek Records and produced by the band and Anne Paranoid. With this self-released album under the arm Tales Voodoo start playing landmarks of Madrid, as the Chesterfield Cafe, Rhythm & Compass or The Chamber Live! After the sudden drop in mid-2007 of Mark, Jesus joins the four strings Spleen, hardening combo sound and being, since then, the final formation of the band. Already in 2008 begin to take shape new songs, which in October again get into the studio to shape a new CD called “Desire”, which was released in December 2009, published by DFX Records.

The year 2010 did not start too well for the group after the abandonment of Chuchi. With the addition of Jorge Ramos “Yoryo” (Ex-Cardinal) to the four strings perform a series of concerts to present “Desire”. From October, the band returns to close in the rehearsal room to shape what will be their third album, and refuses to give concerts until June 29, 2011, date on which reappear in The Room Live, accompanied by Konec Silnice and Black Sheep and introducing their new bassist Mike Smoke (Ex-Cobra Lily).

In 2012 enter LaCaverna studies, Leganes, to record twelve new issues that shape their third album, ‘III’, which will see the light on June 11, 2012. Recently, there was the launch of the first single, ‘Run’, receiving a warm welcome from the public and media.


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– El corazón de la Ciudad [2008]
– Deseo [2009]
– III [2012]

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