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Country Italy

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Vanadium have definitely been one of the most famous heavy rock bands in Italy and in Europe, other than one of the very first to play this kind of music in Italy at the beginning of the 80’s. Vanadium were influenced by historical bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest.

The band’s name came from the metal alloy vanadium, one of the hardest alloys with whom monkey wrenches are made. They took this name as a comparison to their sound: hard and heavy. The name was an idea of the band’s first singer, Rino Squillace, who was used to wear on stage a worker overall with a big money wrench in his pocket. Other than Rino, the band’s first line-up was made up by: Giorgio Occhipinti (guitar), Franco Avella (drums), Gianfranco Ghislotti (bass), Stefano Tessarin (gutars). The band started playing many gigs at the beginning of the 80’s and they gained quite a lot of popularity in the area of Milan.

After a couple of months, the band performed a show sharing the stage with a very famous band back then: Pulsar, who used to play blues music. During one of those gigs, Stefano asked Pino Scotto (Pulsar’s vocalist) and Ruggero Zanolini (keyboards) to join Vanadium (that had recently engaged another drummer: Americo Costantino).

In 1981, under Mister label, Vanadium managed to get their very first 7’’ for sale: side A featured the track “We want live R’n’R” while side B the track “Heavy metal”. During that period in Milan you could listen to radio Peter Flower, the one and only that would broadcast hard rock music, and their album was awarded “flower record” which meant being aired every 2 hours. It was then that Durium label (that distributed the album) decided to have Vanadium sign a contract for them.

After the success gained with the 7’’ the band started working on what would have been their very first album.  As happens in every band, Vanadium had some line-up change, even because Tessarin had to join the army and wouldn’t have been there to record the album so, Pino and Ruggero started looking for other musicians to join the band. Eventually the line-up resulted in the following: Pino, Ruggero, Domenico Prantera, Claudio Asquini, Lio Mascheroni (to replace the old drummer).

Their first album, Metal Rock, was released in 1982 and sold 8000 copies; after that, they started Touring with Alvin Lee. On his return from the army, Stefano joined the band again and, together with his friends, started working on the new album, the second one: A Race With The Devil; thanks to the track “Don’t be lookin’ back” the band gained some appearances on tv (RAI). In 1984 the band released Game Over that sold over 54.000 copies in Italy only.

Vanadium were one of the first metal bands in Italy to record a live album, On Streets Of Danger, with the unreleased track “You Can’t Stop The Music” that also owns a videoclip. Their next album, Born To Fight, was recorded in the UK with Lou Austin, who also produced Deep Purple – Judas Priest – Thin Lizzy – Queen, at Marquee’s in London where they recorded the videoclip “Easy Way To Love”. During that time they shared the stage with bands like Motorhead and Twisted Sister.

In 1987 Corruption Of Innocence was released; the album was produced by Jim Faraci and the band gained good success and good profit… nevertheless, the Durium bankruptcy had its blow on Vanadium.
The band signed a contract with a new label, Green Line, which helped them re leasing the album Seventheaven, produced by Guy Bidmead. Eventually, the band’s members put aside Vanadium for a while and kept playing in different collaborations till 1995, when they decided to give a last gift to their fans: Nel Cuore Del Caos; a thick and pure rock album sung entirely in Italian.

Since then, the band’s members started different music projects: Diumvana, Fire Trails and Rustless but not a Vanadium reunion…yet.

– Metal Rock [1982]
– A Race with the Devil [1983]
– Game Over [1984]
– Born to Fight [1987]
– Corruption of Innocence [1987]
– Seventheaven [1989]
– Nel Cuore del Caos [1995]




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