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Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

In the beginning of the 90’s, just before the grunge-wave hit & left half the world senseless, there was an avalanche of bands with mostly truckloads of hair that aimed for stardom the quick way.  All genres were present, ranging from melodic metal over glamrock to AOR and back again. A couple of ‘em made it, most didn’t and are well and truly dead and buried.

And then you have the true cult bands, the ones that didn’t make it as well, but had a loyal following & more than enough qualities to become the stars they so desperately wanted to be but somehow fell short of the mark or victim to out of place egos. And I bet you can see me coming from a mile away but this here Tyger Tyger is one of those over qualified bands. How almost nobody acknowledged this band for its true talent while still in existence is beyond me. The only recordings they made are these live ones from somewhere in 1991 in Florida, where they resided.

The band consisted of a couple of local legends, namely on vocals Tony Lee Wise (Pierced Arrow, Beowulf), on bass Reno Rojas (Doctor Butcher, Walk The Chalk) and Jeff Vitolo of Roxx Gang-fame. Add to that line-up axe master Chad Robinson and Ronnie Miller on drums and a recipe for success is made. Or so you would think…  As said before, the guys made only one recording and that’s the one re-released here on Retrospect Records. And the result, ladies & gents, is a first class example of how US melodic metal with a lot of hair metal influences should sound.

Think a little bit in the direction of Lizzy Borden & Skid Row in their prime and you should have a good idea what to expect. The sound recording is excellent and we’re dealing with people on top of their game in front of an enthusiastic audience. Except for the last 2 songs that is, cause these are not live. Maybe that was a single or something but as it is nowhere noted I can’t tell you. With most re-releases or ‘previously unreleased’ material there are always a couple of reasons to be found why the material was unreleased at the time: below par recordings, just not talented enough, no vision, whatever. That’s not the case here though & this platter comes therefore highly recommended by yours truly.

– No Icons [1992]

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