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Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Triple X was formed in 1987 by Fred “The Shred” Nelson, Scott Bender, Jim Luther and Chris Procopio. Prior to their debut, bassist Scott Bender got the call to join Baton Rouge. Scott and Baton Rouge would go onto enjoy national success. .. As the story goes, Fred met fellow Pittsburgher and Livewire bassist Nundo Palombo, by accident on a beach in California.

The two quickly hit it off and became fast friends. Fred invited Nundo to play bass. Triple X hit the scene with full force and quickly championed a loyal army of faithful followers. On any given weekend you could find them at one of your favorite local Pittsburgh clubs. Sold out shows were not uncommon. Someplace Else served as home base not only for Triple X, but many other local favorites too! .. As time progressed Jim Luther found himself growing weary of the band and decided to go his separate way. A newcomer to the scene named Rick Benoit replaced Jim and took Triple X to new unadulterated heights.

During Rick’s tenure the band released a demo titled Triple X. They also recorded their first song for WDVE’s Toys for Tot’s CD and won its first Pittsburgh Music Award for “Best Metal Band” in 1989. The band also released their first video for the anthem HANDS and KNEES. The band continued packing in crowds with Rick and started to gain some major label interest. Just when they seemed at the peak of their success Rick would leave the band. Rick decided to start a new project called Whiskey High. Ironically Mark Petrocelli played drums “very briefly” in Whiskey High with Rick!

The guy’s decided amongst themselves that Fred would not only continue to play guitar, but take over lead vocals too! A new guitar player from Ohio was brought in to round out the bands sound. This lineup never really took off and quickly became defunct. It was once again time for a change in the lineup. It was decided either by Chris or by Fred and Nundo to find a new drummer. Fred and Nundo contacted Torrid Desire drummer Mark Petrocelli, to see if he wanted to join the band. A new singer was also needed.

Fred contacted Mark Bailey from Assasin and thus the 5th lineup of Triple X was born. Mark Bailey was a power house vocalist who had a lot of respect in the local music scene. In the end Mark was a great guy, one hell of a singer, but he just did not seem to fit the puzzle. During this time negotiations were in the works with future band manager Tom Marzullo (Musikor Management). In the past Tom worked with acts such as Sheila E. and KISS. Tom managed a Reggae band from Jamaica called Third World. Tom also managed soft porn star, Lori Wagner. Lori recorded some demos with Tim and the band.

At this point Fred assumed a leadership role in the band. Fred and Tom began courting ex 313 and current Dr No singer, Tim Aymar. Tim had an aggressive vocal style that blended into the recipe of Triple X perfectly! Triple X was back and badder than ever! This lineup would go onto record another demo that would never see the light of day. A promo live video was filmed at the Metropol by a student from the Art Institute. This lineup would win the second Pittsburgh Music Award for “Best Metal Band” in 1990 as well as a sponsorship by Budweiser Beer (Their drink of choice). This lineup also recorded a song (D.W.A) for WDVE’s Toys for Tot’s, charity CD.

After a nine month stint with the band, Mark was eventually let go. Mark would be replaced by original drummer Chris Procopio. The band severed ties with Tom Marzullo and teamed up with Barney Lee from Aircraft Studios. Things once again seemed to be doing better than ever! The band produced a video for the song “Pump up the Gas” and released their 1st official indie record, titled BANG. To this day BANG is considered a rare, hard to find gem. When it does make an appearance on eBay, it consistently sells for over $100!

Nundo would find himself growing tired of inner conflicts and would ultimately leave the band. Nundo was replaced by original bassist Scott Bender. Soon Tim would also feel an underlying urge to leave. Tim wanted to pursue a musical path that was more aggressive in nature. Paul Skowron from Ohio’s Noisy Mama would join and continue to pave the way with Triple X. It was once again time for Chris to leave so the guys decided to bring in former Psycho Scream and Dofka drummer Steve Moore. In 1987 Triple X was forged out of sexual magnetism, coupled with bad boy attitudes! Triple X would eventually fall apart due to a changing of the musical guard. What was once considered hot now was not.

Fred, Scott, Paul and Steve would be the last lineup that Pittsburgh would ever see play live again. .. From 1987 – 1994 Triple X played thousands of shows to tens of thousands of fans! They have played shows with several national acts including, Motley Crue, Bullet Boys, Don Dokken, Trixter and Donnie Iris to name a few. They co hosted the local Pittsburgh music cable show PCTV, with Leah Clocko numerous times! They appeared on the “In Pittsburgh Music Awards”, and have sold tons of XXX merchandise.

Triple X has performed and headlined various music festivals in Pennsylvania, including the South Park Rib Cookoff, Regatta Rocks and Music Alley. .. Triple X was a band that should have been signed to a major label, but a shift in music would forever prevent that from happening. Triple X still lives in the hearts of many who followed them.

– Bang [1991]


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