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Country Bolivia

Style Hard Rock / Metal
TRACK has been one of the most important bands in the Bolivian Rock History. The best musicians of the whole country, all started playing thanks to Glen Vargas and his amazing guitar. TRACK formed after the band TRILOGIA split-up, till reaching 1990 with the demo titled Golpea Tus Sentidos ; thanks to this, they will always be part of the local rock history. Two year later, they release the album “Ave Fénix”, recorded en Cochabamba. This album was, and still is, a rock masterpiece in Bolivia.

Successful tracks such as : “Ave Fénix”, “Pero Mama”, “Levántate Vago” and “No Puedo” became great classics of our home rock. The band started touring in almost every capital city of the country and their songs went straight to number one in every radio station. In 1993, TRACK represented Bolivia in the Cumbre Ecológica de Río, having the whole audience jumping while they ended up standing out as the real revelation band of the Festival.

From 1994 to 1999 the band, with Glen Vargas taking care of the record production and music direction, start to decline. Nevertheless, on Septmber the 21st 1999, they come back again, even though the press in the Feria Exposición in Santa Cruz defines their return as a flop.

However, as the Phoenix rises from its ashes, in October 2001 the band takes part in the VIII Festival Internacional de la Cultura in Potosí, gaining success and praises from the critics. Two weeks later TRACK start playing again in their home town as headliner in the “Santa Cruz Rock” Festival, festival that will be stuck in more than 5000 people memory forever and ever, especially when Glen Vargas broke his Fender Stratocaster guitar when imbued with adrenalin. Between October and November, and after many fans asking for it, TRACK record and release an EP titled Atravesando El Tiempo.

On October the 17th, the first cut of the third production and the second LP, “Muy Cerca de Mi”, of the band are released in the Rammstein discotheque. On December the 22nd one of the greatest South American guitarists, Pappo Blues, comes to Bolivia and invites TRACK to share the stage with him. Glen is praised by Pappo after a « guitar duel » held on stage.

On September the 24th, 2003, they release their last album Fuerza Regresiva, an album full of new musical ideas that has them winning half of the prizes of the Tiempo de Mosh at the Rock Nacional : Best Guitarist, Best Drummer, Best Rock Band and Best Rock Song (even though the album wasn’t out there yet !) In November 2005, they receive the prize, at the Rock and Bol, as Best Region Est Band and Glen Vargas gets an award for his musical career.

They took part in other events as for the tour of the Hagamos Al Niño Feliz Festival in 2006, where they gathered more than 10.000 fans in three Bolivian cities. This is a yearly Festival organized by TRACK where the ticket is a toy that will be delivered to the children of the country in need during the end of the year celebration. In July 2006, TRACK takes part in the tribute album to Fito Páez, planned by SONY BMG in Mexico, where they play Ciudad de Pobres Corazones in their own style and together with important artists such as Reyli and Sin Bandera ; in November 2007, UNIVERSAL Colombia, invites TRACK to take part in the KRAKEN tribute, gaining success among the Colombian audience.

In January 2008 the band release a DVD with the title TRACK – VIVO, a double dvd including an audio CD with new songs and a live show ; the DVD features interviews to the band and 7 live tracks recorded in DV Cam during the Festimusic 2005. The new tracks inside the CD are a mix of sounds that are born while searching for a brand new sound for the band, without leaving behind the melodic rock roots.

In 2008 the band comes up with something unreleased in our country, the first symphonic show for a rock band in Bolivia : 40 musicians belonging to different orchestras playing together with the band to set up a show called TRACKFONICO. Apart from the side projects around TRACK, the band is now working on what will be their next album : an album with new sounds but always in line with what TRACK kept during all these years. Nearly 17 years in the making, Explota El Cielo (The Sky Explodes) is a triumphant return for a band that had been away while never really leaving the stage. After several iterations in its line-up, Pesce/Vargas play off each other like a duo of bandits, magicians, friends! It is truly rare to witness the chemistry and understanding these two materialize on every aspect of the album. There is a lot to thrilled about. Plenty of new and ambitious stabs as well as warm, familiar tracks that could easily have been pulled off of the band’s debut nearly three decades ago. Lyrically and musically the band continues to reign supreme in Santa Cruz’s growing rock scene. These guys still rock, unapologetically and with purpose.

Trilogia – Demos [1985]
– Golpea Tus Sentidos [1990]
– Ave Fenix [1991]
– Atravesando El Tiempo [2001]
– Fuerza Regresiva [2002]
– Explota El Cielo [2019]

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